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Dreaded scan time


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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

I'm sending one of my personal faeries to sit with you during the scan. Now she does happen to be invisible so you won't be able to see her but anytime you get nervous, just know she's sitting right beside you. :D

Now, don't laugh and try really hard not to smile during the scan when you picture a faerie sitting there. The hospital personnel might wonder about you if you're lying there grinning away.

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Here's hoping for a tech that can get you with one stick (I wasn't so lucky today, and I ASKED for a flippin' nurse!), a scan that's on time, "film" in the camera, no tics, no storms, no emergencies to throw you off schedule..

JUST ONCE, let it all run like a well-oiled machine and have the pictures be crystal clear and cancer free!



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Heather -

I hear ya - I have some I have to get scheduled too!

(I've always thought "uh-oh, this is it, this time they're gonna find something, but one thing that helped calm me down was something I read that said "the longer you go without a recurrence, the less likely you'll have one.") Well, hell, there's a positive spin!

Best of luck and prayers going up for ya!



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Thank you all so much for your prayers and good vibes -- You guys are the best! My husband was kind enough to call my nurse (behind my back, of course) about and hour after my scan and get the scoop -- CLEAN SCAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't tell you how much your support means to me -- what a great bunch of people we have in our group! :D

So with this 3-month repreave I can now focus on planning my June vacation -- a cruise to Bermuda!!! :wink:

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You need to post this under Good News so more people can see. I am so excited for you! Yay. What relief!! And kudos to your husband, I should consult with him so we can exchange detective tips! :)

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