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Tomorrows the day..argghhhh


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Well tomorrow we are supposed to find out what exactly is wrong with my husband.

The MRI's , CT scans, Labs, X-Rays, Surgeons Biopsy results and orthapedic exam results should all be ready by tomorrow afternoon. We go at 4 pm (NY Time) to the new specialist to hear what is going on.

I will not think cancer because when I do that it turns out to BE cancer. So I am going to think...... ahhh...hmmm.... well I can't think of what else it could be I will not think cancer.

will post results probably on Thursday.

thanks for all your concerns and prayers.

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Shelly I will pray tonight that thre is nothing serious. Perhaps it is extreme stress or easily treatable disease like hypoglycemia or anemia. You two take care.


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I hope your husband is PREGNANT!! Yeah, you read that right! First off, YOU know what all the symptoms are, what will be happening in the near future, etc. AND you'll be soooooo rich after selling your story to The Enquirer, The Star and all those other supermarket tabloids that boast the WolfMan, etc... Yeah, that would be good, here's hoping he's pregnant! (Now, delivery may be an issue...LOL)

Take care, RELAX and BREATHE!



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WOW, I guess the first thing I'd ask is "who's yo babys daddy" to him. Hmmm, well stranger things have happened right. I mean I actually passed by the desert counter for the first time in many many moons today at the grocery store and opted for the salad freaking bar.

SO if thats the case I will surely want to know what the two timing, no good, chesting louse of a she-male he really is.

the delivery...well that will be that bastages problem.

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(Get the birth on FILM, girl! It will be shown in Lamaze classes all over the COUNTRY! - Oh yeah, in your voice over, be sure you say things like "almost there"..."pant like a dog"..."there, that wasn't so bad, was it?" LOL - How's THAT for getting something the size of a bowling ball out of a hole the size of a cherry??)

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Becky, you are toooo funny! A sense of humor is so very important!!!

Shelly, my prayers are with you and your hubby and I hope everything comes out just fine. It is so easy to "think" cancer when you have had it impact your life. I just feel that it will be something very treatable. Take care of yourselves.


Nancy B

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