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New drug (clinical trial)


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Do anyone of you hear about TM (tetrathiomolybdate)? It is a new drug under clinical trial!

Our second Dr. suggests my dad to try after all treatments (chemo & radiotherapy) complete. Anyone who tried it or trying it?

Moreover, my dad's pulse rate is abnormal after chemo, before the 1st time chemo, pulse rate is 75. Since the 1st round chemo started, pulse rate sometimes was 96, then these few days are 65. Dr. said that it should not be the side effect of chemo. don't know why, anyone who have this experience??

Thank you.


dad dx SCLC mid of april 2003, age 58

nearby lymph node met

VP-16 + Cisplatin

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Yes my father is using the drug, and has had amzing results. Is there a trial scheduled for Lung Cancer? If not you can get it on your own with a prescription from your/a doctor. Have you done a search with google to find the other sites about this drug? I would be happy to help you with any additional info. chemo sometimes can and does cause heart problems for some people, you should really have your dad tell his Onc right away.

here are a couple of websites talking about the use of TM.




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Cary, thank you very much.

May I know more about your dad's case? Which cancer he has? How long you dad takes the TM? What good effect ? What I know is, the Dr. said this is under the clinical testing. Dr. recommended my dad takes TM after finish chemo & radiotherapy treatments.

For the abnormal pulse rate, the Dr. said, she never heard of that case, we have informed the Dr. but Dr. said maybe my dad has had this inconsistent heartbeat problem for a period of time, not because of this treatment. I just guess maybe few people will check his/her pulse rate daily that they never notice this change. But we have this practice.

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My Father has recurrent adenocarcinoma(originally diagnosed April 2001) Taxol/Carboplatin, lower right lobe removed, and radiation. All scans were supposedly clear until DEC 2002.(actually read the old scan reports and they had watched it grow but did not inform us) He was given 2-4 months in DEC 2002, he had 10-15 smaller tumors in each lung(around 1 cm each) and 2-3 larger ones(2.5-3cm each)and last but not least the 3-4cm tumor pushing on his aorta. he started taxotere and the first 2 rounds he got extremely low white counts and almost ended up in the hospital. So after researching we talked to the oncologist and he agreed to do low dose taxotere and the oncologist stated that this treatment was becoming the norm at most places if requested(40% a week for 3 weeks and the 4th week off) and my father started a few other treatments at the same time TM (tetrathiomolybdate)copper protocol. surprisingly, his Medicare HMO had no problem with any of this and picked up all his weekly blood tests and then the test become only monthly once you are stabilized(for his copper program). He just finished his 6th round of chemo on the 7th of may. He only has very small tumors left, So now the copper reduction should hold them in place and also over time shrink them completely. I stumbled upon the cancer protocol site after I had already pieced my fathers treatment together on my own.


and then i also found the


They are both great site and have lots of useful info on low dose chemo and the copper protocol, and is basically the same as my fathers treatment with a few adjustments. I hope all this helps, There are quite a few docs on the east coast doing these treatments and a few on the west coast also. You may have problems with your doctor prescribing TM but I think from what I have heard from others on this subject is that they have no problems with their doctors performing the blood tests, the doctors just don't want to prescribe the medicine. here is the link to the clinical trial results of the copper reduction drug TM he is currently using. http://clincancerres.aacrjournals.org/c ... full/6/1/1

Tetrathiomolybdate is the drugs name and you can do a Google search on your own of the drug. It is not currently FDA approved(2 years) but there are doctors prescribing it and you can get it filled at certain pharmacies. It is roughly $200 a month for the prescription then as you adjust your dose and take less, naturally the price per month goes down

(my father is at $90 a month) The only thing I cannot fully understand is Lung Cancer Victims never do these treatments. whenever i contact someone about this treatment I am always the first lung cancer caregiver to contact them. I find that so amazing. At the cancer protocol site i mention they want me to submit my fathers bio and become a contact in case anyone else with lung cancer shows up there and needs help or questions answered. they have been around for 2 years and i am the first to show up this amazes me. I am not sure if this is because people with lung cancer are ashamed or fell they deserve the disease (which they don't). I do know a lot of other people using this therapy for their cancer(not lung cancer). And last but not least, I am not a doctor and these are just my opinions and/or personal experiences :)

If you or anyone else has any questions or needs any additional help please feel free to ask, I'll be more than happy to help.


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