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Still very scared!

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My name is steph. I am 29 and was diagnosed in December with nsclc stage IB. I am going through chemo Carbo/taxol and only have two treatments left. Although the dr's are confident that the margins and nodes (25) were clear I am still so scared that something new is going to pop up on my next set of scans. My post-op Ct's & X-rays were all clear, I guess nobody really knows how cancer works, but I guess I'm looking for some sort of insight. Thanks.

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Welcome Steph. You'll find other cancer patients close to your age right here on this site. It's sad to see any person stricken with this horrible disease.....but doubly sad for those of you with young children. You'll learn so much from the members of this group. I learn something new each day. Also....we have something in common...I had surgery 8 mths ago for a stage IB cancer. My scans are great and I'm feeling much better these days. Please know you'll get past these hard times and you "WILL" be your old self again. Stop in often....gain strength from knowing more and more about this ugly beast each one of us is fighting in our own way.

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Hi Steph, You're in good company as far as being scared. It's hard not to be scared. You shouldn't have to deal with this at your age. The good news is that you are young and possibly better able to recover and live a long and healthy life with your very cute baby. Think positive and laugh every chance you get. :)

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Hi Rileys Mom,

Welcome. I'm glad you found this site because there is no better place to find encouragement and information. You are fortunate that the doctor found the tumor when you are at Stage 1B. When I was diagnosed I knew I needed more strength than I had. I found Romans 5:3-5 to be a real comfort. There are also some practical things that you can do and other survivors on this site can add more.

1. Thank the Lord that the doctors found it so early.

2. Get a second opinion.

3. Establish a good relationship with your doctors.

4. Get as much information as you can, but don't allow yourself to be overwhelmed. Take it in in small pieces.

5. From my experience life's questions are now true or false, very rarely multiple choice.

6. You have a little one to take care of which will help take your mind off your situation.

7. Your positive attitude helps the healing process.

8. Don't dwell on the what if's. The scans and x-rays show you are clean, so you are clean! Be glad and spend time with your family.

9. Right down questions to ask your doctor.

10. Surround yourself with friends and family that can help you, not bother you with a million questions about how you are feeling.

Our daughter your age gave birth last week to a beautiful baby girl. I plan to see her grow up along with all of our other grandchildren.

Blessings to you


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Are you north or sounth Jersey? I am in Burlington Co and have been through this circus many times. My son was 7 when I had my first cancer and he will be graduating in June.

It is scarey,scarey, scarey, but we are a tight and supportive group. You can always PM me if you are close by.


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You (and Riley) are so very fortunate that your cancer was found early. You may want to read the Early Stage forum, you will find that others have the same feelings you do. Welcome Steph.


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Welcome Steph. I just love your picture! So sorry you are going through this. We have all been discussing the latest topic that females are at greater risk for lung cancer. It sounds like you are doing well so far. I pray that you have a long lasting friendship with NED ( No Evidence of Disease) How is your energy level? It is so tiring to be up with a baby for any young Mom but to have chemo on top of that. How is your husband coping? Have you got lots of support? Please keep us posted. Donna G

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I am also a stage 1B, and had surgery 11 months ago. I know what you are talking about with the fear that next time it won't be ok, but if you really think about it, any person alive is just one x-ray or scan away from being in our shoes.

Point is--no one knows what the next day will bring. That's a feeling that is not exclusive to our little club here. We've just seen that fear a lot more 'up close' than others your age and my age may have seen it.

I think being really young is on your side, and I also know from my own experience that once chemo is over with, you will start to feel much much better quickly.

Your baby is beautiful, by the way. I am also glad you got the chemo--did you know that one year ago, chemo was not recommended for people with stage 1 tumors? Last June they released the results of a study that showed for the first time, there was benefit for early stage people to get the chemo post-surgery. Then, this past winter, my surgeon learned at a conference that there is even more evidence to support post-surgery chemo for early stagers. That makes me feel a lot better.

I hope you stay in touch and I wish you the best. My advice to you would be get the very best possible medical advice--try to practice a good diet(at least once chemo is over with), exercise, and get plenty of rest. Not an easy task I realize with that little one of yours, but please try--it makes such a difference.

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Hello Steph and Welcome!

I see that you are a fellown Jerseyian -- I live in Mt. Laurel (South Jersey) -- what part are you from? I too am a relative youngster here (34) and I have a 7 year old son.

I am sorry you had to join our family but you will not find a more wonderful bunch of people! While you should feel very fortunate that you caught your cancer early, I agree that a cancer diagnoses at any stage is scary. As you can see from my signature below, I wasn't diagnosed until I was Stage IIIA. I've had sugery, chemo and radiation. Each follow up CT Scan brings with it a new set of fears and anxiety and while I wish I could tell you the fear will subside, it will probably linger for a long while, but it will lessen as time goes by.

I can offer you this advice that helps me get through the day:

1 ~ Do your best to take care of yourself (healthy nutrition/exercise)

2 ~Have trust in your medical team

3 ~Have faith in God

Welcome again and I look forward to getting to know you!

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Hi Steph,

Welcome! You have found the best site for any and all questions that you may have. There are so many caring, compassionate and knowledgable people here. I am happy that this was caught early and you are doing good, you are a survivor. This is a great support group and I hope you come back often. In my thoughts and my prayers...

God Bless you and gentle hugs,


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Welcome to the club no one wants to be in.

Be thankful you were diagnosed early, and are receiving chemo.

It's a good time to be alive if you're going to be diagnosed with cancer very early.

It's also absolutely normal for the idea of having cancer to scare you witless.

Take one day at a time. Be thankful for your son, and your family, and for each new day.

Don't focus on the cancer -- it is a part of your life, right now a large part, but it is NOT the focus of your life.

Try to cultivate a positive attitude.

Read what Becky/Snowflake has written about newly diagnosed advice.

Believe in miracles, and the power of prayer.

It does get better, Steph, truly, it does, but it takes time.

Be proactive on your own behalf -- ask questions.....

And take wonderful good care of that precious little guy.

We're here if you need us. A nicer, warmer , more caring bunch of folks you won't be able to find anywhere else.

Good luck,

Always, prayers....



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Welcome, Stephanie,

All I can add is that the best thing you can do for yourself is to begin to educate yourself about the disease itself and the various treatments, with the strong hope that you will never need to use anything you learn.

You have a beautiful child. Both of your smiles have given me one this morning. :)

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It is so nice to hear so many positive and caring words. I am so glad to have found this group. I try so hard to be positive from the very beginning...when everyone else was crying I was on damage control, but it is very nice to have an outlet for all of my emotions...because as I'm sure you all know some days are better than others. My daughter has been my motivation to be strong through all of this...because I will see her grow up and have children of her own :!: and when I've had enough chemo (in my mind) I just look at her little face and realize that she needs her mommy and these past four or five months are a drop in the bucket compared to the rest of our lives. Thank you again, everyone. Your support got me through a tearful day!

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Hi Steph,

How refreshing it was to open this thread and see that beautiful picture of you and your little daughter. I'm sorry you have this diagnosis at such a young age, but like the others said, I'm extremely happy they found it so early. It sounds like you've got a really good attitude to fight and win. You've come to the right place, and WELCOME!

Bud: CONGRATULATIONS on your new granddaughter!!

Jim: GREAT picture!!

Love to all,


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Welcome, Steph!

Yep, you now have a "shadow" that will loom in the back corners of your mind forever. There will be days you won't even think of it, and other days it will smack you right square in the face. This is the mental battle, this is the monster from under the bed...

I described it to my counselor as a repeating voice. As long as I'm busy, moving and thinking other thoughts, I hardly know it's there. Bedtime and all the other "noises" in my head quiet down and there's The Voice....the statistics....the doubts...the tears...some anger....and there's my hand, reaching for the Xanax and an Ambien and THERE'S the volume control. Sleep is a valuable commodity. If you are having troubles sleeping or concentrating or basically FUNCTIONING, talk to your general practioner to get some chemical "adjustment".

Finding a good counselor is another move toward sanity. I go about once a month. Sometimes, normal life issues are a little much, toss a helping of cancer on top of it and...well, having a "professional" tell you you're not crazy sure does help. It ALSO helps to have a professional on the lookout for clinical depression - the kind of blues you can't pull yourself out of...

Wonderful yours was caught so early! Keep vigilant on your scans and tests and you'll beat this thing! Don't let it take control of your mind, that's the biggest battle.

All my best,


aka Snowflake

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Sorry Im so late in replying, Ive been away a few days. I just want to welcome you to the board, and as I see you already know... everyone here is really great about answering posts. Good Luck to you, everyone is scared about all this, but this board does make it easier!


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Hi Steph~~

First of all, what a gorgeous little daughter!! A face like that has got to be pure encouragement to you!

I'm very new here myself...just diagnosed on Monday and saw the oncologist for the first time yesterday. But finding this site was an unexpected bonus as there is such comfort and support here...for all the dark days and for those days that are better, too.

This is all so new to me, that I cannot offer you any real "voice of experience" yet...but I do agree with those who've said that catching this early AND being young and otherwise healthy, will be great assets....along with that little bundle of joy in your arms! :wink: Stay positive...and when you feel you could use a little help in doing that, this sure seems like the right place to come for it!

I'm sorry for ALL of us that we have to be here...but it's nice to know that there is always a hand or two or more, reaching out to us here.

Keeping you in my special thoughts for continued good reports, and a bright, healthy future watching that adorable little girl of yours grow up! Keep the faith!!

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