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Still very scared!

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Prayers of thanksgiving that this was found early and that it can and will be totally taken care of...so you and your family will have a full life together. I hope you have the support you need to get past these emotional times and I know you will find continuing and constant support here on this board.

May you and your delightful baby girl continue smiling,


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First I want to say that I think your daughter is gorgeous and takes after her mom. You are very young to be dealing with this monster but since you have to face it your youth and strength will be assests for you. Like all the others have said, keep as positive a you can and learn all you can about your disease.

It sounds like you have had all of the most aggressive treatments out there and that is good. You have a good chance of beating all of this and watching your daughter grow up.

My heart goes out to you that you had to find this board but I am glad that you did. The people here will listen and offer prayers and experience that you will find no where else. Welcome to our little family. Keep us posted on how you are doing.


aka Nushka

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Welcome Steph,

What a smile on the both of you!! Warms my heart :D Give it to God, and always, always believe in miracles!! You are so young and with a beautiful new baby.. It seems so unfair but Cancer is a BEAST as you will hear on here over and over, but with God's help you WILL beat this nasty BEAST with both hands tied behind your back!!! Welcome again and you couldnt have found a better place to get support and understanding. These people are just the most wonderful bunch of people you will ever meet, so join in and get to work fighting and planning your wonderful future with your family cancer free.

God Bless You,


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Steph -

Sorry that your baby's first year was tainted by the "monster" - but luckily she won't remember any of it - so now you're free to go on with ALL of your lives and your "healed" body.

I don't know what makes the anxiety go away rather than keeping busy and starting rebuilding your life.

Hugs and prayers,


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Hi Steph,

Welcome to a group of caring and knowledgeable people that will do anything to help you.I hope you have family that is close as well.Your little baby is beautiful and with this being detected so early I know that you will do well.Just keep your chin up and when it sags come back in here for support.There will be bad days and there will always be fear.You just have to learn to put harmful thoughts on the back burner.It takes practice.Praying for us all.TBone

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