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Hoping to correspond with anyone living with lung cancer


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My name is Steve I’m 51 and was diagnosed with stage 4 small cell lung cancer (T4 N2 M1) last January (03). My Doctor found it on my yearly physical with a standard chest x-ray. It revealed a small spot on my right lung, I had know symptoms of cancer. The Doctor said no big deal we will jut take out that lobe and that will be that. The next thing I knew I was waking up from surgery and the Doctor gave me the bad news that the cancer could not be removed, radiation was not an option because the cancer was around my heart and lungs. He then went on to ask me what my history with smoking and I said none then he asked me about my history with asbestos and again I said none.

At any rate it’s in there and it’s not coming out. Additionally I was told there was evidence of mediastinal adenopthy, pulmonary nodules.

So I started Chemo in late Feb (carboplatin and taxol) , my treatment is three weeks on then skip a week.

I live by my self and have no family but I do have some great friends. I’m on disability from work the Chemo just knots me out. I feel my whole world has just been turned upside down. I don’t have anybody to talk to about this trip I’m on and was hoping to correspond with others who have lung cancer, anyone who might be able to help me with what to expect down the road. It appears that the survival rate of this cancer is about 15% past two years. I used to think I had all the answers now I can’t even make a plan past tomorrow.

I would sincerely appreciate any emails my email is stevemitchell@seahunt.com



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Dear Steve,

Once again, I am soooo sorry to hear you had the need to join our wonderful supportive caring group. Your in the right place, for THIS is where you go to correspond with lung cancer survivors. WE ARE HERE!

I encourage you to read over as many of the post on this board as you can. You will find hope, understanding, helpful hints, education, and much support, which is what we lung cancer survivor's and caregivers need from one an other.

You are able to say what ever it is you wish to share with this group. No matter what you say or feel here, SOMEONE will understand and or relate to what you are going through.

I was dx.d at the age of 43 in 1995 with Stage IIIA-B, Adenocarcinoma. I had my left lung removed along with two cancerous lymph nodes (and a few extra just in case) followed with Chemo and Radiation treatments. I am BLESSED to be here, and I am one GRATEFUL Lung Cancer Survivor.

I hope you will continue to stay with us, and join in on any of the messages you feel you want to be a part of, and everyone here will do the same in return.

I will share with you that I have a lady in my Lung Cancer Support Group that is a soon to be 4 year lung cancer survivor of Stage IV Large Cell Lung Cancer. Her cancer had spread to her eye. As of today, she is a Lung Cancer Survivor and doing very well and living a normal life. She did chemo and radiation treatments and her treatments have put her cancer at a HALT. Now mind you it's not GONE, but it's not growing either. Her cancer SHRUNK and then just STOPPED growing. She no longer does treatments, but she does get checked every three months. I am so honored to say I am her friend and that she IS a lung cancer survivor. So, please know this Monster CAN be controlled, or even stopped in it's TRACKS!!!

Take care, and stay with us.

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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Dear Steve,

Welcome, but sorry you are here. There are a wonderful group of kind and knowledgeable people here. They have comforted me when I have been down and cheered me on when news is good.

Come here as often as you need. Post questions, vent anger whatever, it is very comforting.

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Want to wish you a warm welcome Steve. I am a two year survivor of nsclc. I had surgery to remove the tumor and so far no sign of cancer. This is a great board and there are a lot of caring people here. This is the place for great support and understanding. Nancy O.

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Guest bobp


I am new here also. I am a 26month survivor of stage IV NSCLC Adenocarcinoma. My disease is currently stable. I just posted my entire story in the new users area today, so I won't repeat it here.

Think positively and make the best of every day.

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Hi Steve,

Welcome to the group. We are all going through this together. I'm a little confused about your diagnosis. Do you have small cell lung cancer? It is usually staged as limited or extensive though some still use the other staging method. Have you had brain MRI or scans to check for other locations such as bone, liver, etc? It sounds like it is only in your lung and mediastinal lymph nodes? Is that correct? Chemo can do wonders and there is lots of hope, so don't despair. Please let us hear more from you.


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