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signs for oncologist's offices


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I think there should be a big sign in every oncologist's office that they will see many times a day. It should read:


Seems to me that a lot of hope along with compassion is missing in the treatment of lung cancer. We can only hope that some day they will learn and let people become people again, not just a disease :!:

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Great thought. I have been lucky. My Dr does care and spends time with me. The only thing is he forgets that just because I am a nurse that I should understand everything he tells me. I worked ER and ICU NOT oncology and is it EVER a different field of medicine.


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Many doctors have compassion and bedside manner. I'm not sure what percentage, etc., but I have only met a few in my recent journey that upset me. ...and when I was having a bad time AFTER these loser doctors, I talked to MY doctor and she explained away whatever "badness" had slipped. She reviewed statistics and the hidden "BUT" that is there, told me to work on positive imagery and not to stress so much. She also does "rule out" tests when treating me for oddities, the "just in case" for those that have "history"...

I agree there are some doctors that lack common decency, but that seems common in ANY profession. Unfortunately, I don't believe a sign in their office would change much in their manner... Remember it's a service and if you are NOT happy with your provider, get a new one. If you are willing to "put up" with bad beside manner because the doctor knows their stuff, that's a personal choice - and probably, in the case of this drug, a good one for those that are actively pursuing cutting edge treatment.

From a lot of what I've read, I'm extremely lucky. I wish everyone here was happy with their "team", their insurance and their family members... I hope those of you experiencing the bad get the good tenfold!


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I too have been blessed with a team of medical personell that were nothing less than stellar in outlook all along.

I think the good ones outnumber the bad ones.

At least, that's my impression.

I hope that it is so.

God bless the doctors who maintain their optimisim through rain and sleet and snow and dark of night... wait.. that's the mailman, isn't it?




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I agree that there are still some good doctors. I just think that even the best have to be riminded once in a while that there is more to medicine than drugs and medical treatments. Attitude and hope go a long way. Believe me when I say that I saw that first hand. I also had to deal with the consequences that taking away hope can cause. So bless the good ones and hope that someday all doctors will remember that lung cancer patients are just as human as everyone else and deserve to be treated like they are.

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