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Hi Everyone----I had posted last week about the cost of iressa. I had sent in forms to the drug co. on a hardship plan and they have just called me to say i was approved. A Good day i would say. Thanks to all of you for replying to my post again it is people helping people. Thanks, Carlton

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Guest Phyllis

That is great! Drug companies should help with the costs of these drugs. but don't get me on my favorite soap box. Good luck!

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So happy to hear that you were approved for help in getting Iressa. I guess it depends on where you get your prescription, but when I went to get mine filled the cost was $2,635.00 for 30 days.!!!

They had to call my insurance company to get approval. They approved it , Thank Goodness!!! :o


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Awesome! That just led me to another thought. Are there any organizations around where we can donate money to people to use whose insurance companies don't cover the costs of certain drugs? Or whose insurance companies don't let them get the treatment necessary? Hmmmm.

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There are local organizations that can help. My county and a neighboring one have a cancer center that was founded by a founding father of the town when his wife was diagnosed and later died (many, many moons ago). The Pardee Cancer Center is a private organization that fund raises and helps those in financial need (& w/o insurance) to pay costs or have payment plans set up. The people who work in the office call hospitals to have bills lowered or "forgiven" in the case of a "hardship case". Funds are limited at $600,000 per year for two counties and many people do not qualify. The place is a godsend for those who need it, but you have to register....

I'm sure that the American Cancer Society in a person's home town/closest big town could help in finding such organizations. I'm not sure what all the programs are that the ACS has, but I know that there are free counselors there, as well. I have talked to the cancer counselor twice, once on diagnosis (for over three hours) and after my second opinion (another three hours). Many of the people volunteering at ACS have been touched personally by cancer and have a vested interested in helping out...

There are some places that help with free wigs... Organizations like Corporate Angel Network line up flights for patients needing to get to big cancer centers at NO CHARGE to the patient. (There's another one that's small/recreational pilots, but I can't remember the name off hand.). CAN lined me up for a flight (on MY company's jet, no less!) from Midland to Lake Jackson, TX - one hour drive to Houston and MD Anderson. My flight was great and some of the guys I used to work with happened to be flying that day so I got hugs and chocolate and wishes for the best all around...

The big cancer centers will normally have someone in admissions who can hook you up with a hotel in the area that gives a discounted rate to patients. Other options are their hospitality houses...

Cancer Treatment Centers of America offer free flights set up by the Center for the patient (not an attending family member) after the initial visit (where a family member is invited).

There are other things that are local, some communities have people that will volunteer to drive patients to and from treatment (I believe these people "register" with ACS). VFW and American Foreign Legion sometimes do this for veterans...

All a person has to do is start asking questions. The ACS would be a good place to start...


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Thanks Becky. I am going to c heck into it. I thought about it today particulary b/c of Iressa cost and cost issues a family friend is having with his lymphoma treatment.

It is so disturbing that when fighting for your life that you have to fight insurance companies to get treatment. My co-worker and I were in tears today--it is the wierd connection where it is her best friend and Brian's family's close friend. He NEEDS radiation. He was told that if he does not get it immediately, spinal cord effects may be permanent. Yet the insurance company won't pay for his transport cost and each day goes by and he needs it so he can walk again. I suggested that we just pay for radiation to get it started, but it is like thousands and th ousands of dollars for a treatment. Somethings I will never understand :)

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