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a young newlywed blond girl wanted to impress her in laws for her very first dinner party. She planned her menu very carefully and on the morning of the dinner she went to the market very early to get the freshest food she could.

It was a very hot day and decided to load the groceries into the back seat so they would not go bad in the heat of the trunk. She loaded all of the bags into the back seat and got into the front seat. She heard a big "bang" and fealt something strike her in the back of the head. She reached around her head and fealt ooey, gooey and immediately panicked shouting "i have been shot in the head" , "I have been shot in the head, please help me" people came running and called the paramedics.

When the paramedics got there they gently opened the car door for fear she would fall out due to shock. When the first paramedic went to examine her gun shot wound he started laughing.

she started screaming its not funny, i cant feel the pain so I must be paralized. he proceeded to pull a pillsbury biscuit from the back of her head. The container of 10 she bought had exploded in the heat and what she took for her brain, was actually a raw biscuit.

silly blond girl huh

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