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This is my first posting here and I am sure this is not going to be my last. How does one deal with the stress of waiting for a diagnosis? I believe my H has lung cancer but at this stage tests are still being done with one scheduled this monday and the following week appointment with the cancer specialist. I have read and re-read the radiology reports but just seem to understand only parts of them especially the part that states "increase in size of left upper lobe nodule, malignacy to be considered. I can hardly sleep at night and I am a wreck at work. My H is retired and home by himself most of the time, I worry constantly and I know that is not good. Has anyone here sought medication for themselves to get through this hell? My H also has COPD which makes it even worse to deal with. I am so glad I found this place.

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The report said "malignancy to be considered". It did NOT say it was a definite. My original X-ray said to follow up and rule out lung cancer...so the mysterious mass was viewed on CT...not UNTIL the biopsy and pathology was it definitely cancer.

A friend of mine had a mass found in her lung around the same time. Suspicious, follow up needed... She has sarcodosis - an infection of the lungs treated for 6-12 months with steroids and then gone.

Could be your husband doesn't have cancer, very possible. The thoracic surgeon I had a consult with after the original CT wanted a piece of whatever it was. If it could be identified AND benign, it could stay. Anything else was coming out - soon.

Keep moving, don't let the ball get dropped here. Push for the tests to be close together, consults to be scheduled ASAP and take all the precautions as you would if you KNEW it were cancer, but DON'T start to panic, don't waste the energy and allow your mind to get off task. Promise yourself time to fall apart when you know for sure, either from relief that it's NOT cancer or from the stress of knowing it is.

And if it IS cancer, don't despair. Work through the feelings the diagnosis brings...there's LOTS of feelings. Give yourself time to cry, to be mad, to yell, kick the dog (figuratively), etc., THEN, pull yourself together and face it head on. The battle can be won, but it's not an easy fight. Mental battle is the hardest...be prepared.

...REMEMBER to take care of yourself, too.



aka Snowflake

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Snowflake pretty much summed it up.

The wait is awful--but you have to be proactive while you wait (as strange as that may sound).

You have to be strong for your husband (and yourself)--but it is NORMAL to feel like a wreck at this juncture. We can all attest to that.

There are many people on this board who are taking medications to help them deal with the stress--because you CAN'T let it affect you to the point that you are not an advocate for your husband (or a good employee, or good to yourself).

This is a WONDERFUL place--and if you take the time (when you can't sleep) to read through the old posts--you will learn a TON. You will see that you are not alone and that this is a group of supportive, knowledgable, and dedicated people.

Please "visit" in whatever manner that helps you the most.

I'm sorry you are going through this.


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Welcome Bert,

I don't have a lot to add to any of the above posts except to say that Xanax helps me with the stress. I don't need it very often anymore but when I do, it helps tremendously. It's a bumpy ride, hold on tight.

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Hi Bert and welcome,

As far as the waiting, I'm worse than my husband and he's the one with the darn disease. Keeping busy is about the only thing I can offer - especially your mind. If you can find something that keeps your mind occupied (crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, watching tv, reading a good novel, talking with a friend or talking on the phone, writing notes to others here on this forum, etc.) it will help the days go a little faster. Our next "result" appointment is 3 weeks away, and I'm already fretting about it, but I just don't let myself think about it very long. As soon as I catch myself doing that, I quickly get on the computer or just do something else with my MIND.

Hope that helps a little.

God bless you, and once again, WELCOME!



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Thanks so much for the replys, yes i agree i am much worse than my H, we talked a little last night about my fears and he told me to be in the moment and live for today because we may not have tomorrow. I asked him if he thought he might have lc and he said he did not think about it and wasn't going to until we met with the dr. and got the results and then we will deal with it then. My H has a different outlook on life then I do at times he is a zen buddist and difinitely lives in the moment and is very strong in his belief.

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Waiting is the WORST!!! Im waiting myself right now, for some very importatnt tests for my Dad. As I am typing this I feel sick to my stomach. Very queesy. Try to keep busy, it will make it go by faster


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