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This site as all other sites with logins and session uses cookies to manage your id and keep you logged in from page to page. Many sites you visit will polute your computers cache with garbage and eronious data, therefore, if you experience login issues, session issues, unable to keep your computer remembering you when you have chosen to keep you logged in and etc, you will need to do the following on a regular basis. This practice is not for this site but regular mantenance on your computer itself. I have the directions for users of Internet explorer, however, I am not sure how to perform this on MAC computers or AOL.

Here are the directions.

How can I clear the Internet Explorer Cache?


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Thanks Rick. I have been having occassional problems logging on. It took over 15 minutes to clear my cache so it must have been pretty big. Don't know if its what is causing my problems but I am really glad to know how to clear my cache.

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Wow Candy - 15 minutes! That's impressive or hysterical or something like that!! It usually takes 15 seconds to clear mine. You must have had an awful lot of info in there. :lol: Thanks for giving me an early morning smile.


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