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I NEVER post here....BUT...


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The rest of the story:

I don't have brain mets, either. JUST a malfunctioning thyroid. (Whew!)

Had some extreme symptoms a little over a week ago leading to a visit with my primary care physician...which led to a brain CT....which read "Clear, but with patient's history and current complaints, MRI suggested"...so I had an MRI on Tuesday and got the results today - in person. There are some spots in my brain but they are remnants of migraines (PROOF that I DO have migraines) and nothing that looked at all like mets, tumors on the pituitary (what was being checked)... Pretty clear - there's a brain up there and nothin' else!

...so even though I lied to my spouse and said I wasn't worried, I was - and now I'm not! (Hey, I was worried with the lack of a "visitor" and didn't want to start shopping for baby stuff! I'm gettin' too old for that stuff - AND there's already grandbabies in the picture with step-kids! That woulda been ugly...)

So I'm good to go, taking drugs for thyroid, things look to be getting back on track AND I'm heading in to work. Thought I'd drop the note here to catch you all up before heading in where I could get "busted" for surfin'... :roll:

Take care!


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