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is there a petition to print?


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I once was looking for my glasses when they were on my face.

I could have sworn I had seen on this website a petition to print out? Does anyone know if there is one? I am doing final prep/ideas for Relay tomorrow and still have not figured out if I should do like a guessing game of a fact to raffle off a prize or something else. I thought it might be neat if I could have petitions printed, have people sign it, and then they are automatically enrolled to win a blender.

There are some creative teams for Relay by the way. A big issue is teenagers and tanning beds. A local high school team is having skin cancer as their mission and they aer selling squirts of sunblock for 25 cents. Isn't that so neat????? Each team is supposed to do something for awareness.

One team is having 3 Lakers girls come to sign autographs. I am not sure what taht is an awareness for except to make me aware that people can have perfect bodies ;) Heehee

I heard last year the testicular cancer both was the most interesting design. Hmmmm, I am curious to see that :)

Thanks all

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You're right. There is a petition to print. I had originally posted it on the General rather than the LC Activism/issues (something like that) part of the website figuring way more people would see it here than in that section of the website (where I seldom go). Anyway, after I posted it here, I received a pm which very politely informed me that I had posted under the wrong forum. I actually hadn't; I thought I'd increase the responses under the General. So you can find the petition there and yes, you had seen it here.

Gail P-M

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Borrow them Lakers girls and grab some Chippendale's guys! You could CHARGE people for the heavy breathing of looking at those perfect bodies! One dance (girls or guys) with either "jigglies" or bulging...uh, biceps for $10... THEN, when the heavy breathing begins, explain that THAT is what happens when your lung capacity is compromised...

Just a thought.... :roll:

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That is so creative! I love it. What a great way to actually demonstrate what lung cancer does!!!!!!

My mom is feeling really icky today and can;t speak and her throat hurts. It comes and goes depending on the day. Radiation was done on Tues so I guess it takes time to bounce back. I am hoping so badly she will feel better tomorrow and Sat b/c she has her fan club coming to see her at the Relay. ie, her friends from work who have wanted to see her, but she has not wanted to see anyone. This is her public debut :)

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