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Congratulations Don Wood !


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three THOUSAND (+) times that you have touched a soul-

where ever you go, whatever you do, there are 1100 of us praying and pulling for you and Lucie.

SO SO Glad to have you here and honored to have "known" you for over a year now.

CONGRATULATIONS on being a fantastic support for all of us and for being such an inspiration!!


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And I thought I talked a lot! :lol: Seriously, Don, you have helped to cheer me up many times. I'm sure that 3,000 doesn't include all of the times that you have helped someone by sending them a PM, just as you did for me when I had some questions concerning radiation to the spine. You are a wonderful support here............I'm sure that you are wonderful to Lucie, too! Thanks for just being you!


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Hey yaw,

I just want to say that I too am a fan. I was fortunate enough to meet Don and his son for lunch once, while he was in town to tend to his son after his son had surgery. Don is such a humble, kind, compassionate, empathic, and genuine man. His heart is as big as Texas. I only wish that I had gotten to meet his beloved Lucie. I can only imagine where Don finds his inspiration, huh? Don is such an intelligent man too.. He has his doctorate, I believe in chemistry!!!! Yet, he is as down to earth as they come. He has a strong faith in God and is dedicated to his family. Don, I hope this doesn't sound like I am writing your Eulogy! Ha!! But all of these things are absolutelty true, and my prayers are that you and Lucie live a long and prosperous life together.

Love to you both,


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