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My husband has been on a popular morning radio show for the last 25 years. He is doing his first public appearance since the diagnosis tomorrow morning at the Preakness Races Infield. The listeners don't know yet and he is going to surprise them on stage.

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He is on the number one morning show with two other guys. It's on the station 98Rock. My husband is the longest running newscaster (and he does the usual morning show comedy stuff) at the same rock station in the country. Each year, the station has a big infield party at the Preakness. If you watch the race tomorrow on TV, you probably will see the 98 rock signs. The station installed a studio in our house so he could continue to work with the other guys until he is ready to work at the station. I now get up at 4:30 AM with him!! The show is pure comedy, interviews, and news. My husband was really touched by the listeners. They sent cards, e-mails, gifts, and contributions. He has put a new face on lung cancer in our city.

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Hi Jean,

Welcome aboard LCSC. Tell your husband to break a leg tomorrow. My husband is also in broadcasting- sports broadcasting. Last week was his first time back on the air since his heart attack. He did great, as I know your husband will do awsome himself tomorrow too!!!


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I remember the Preakness, marched in the parade my freshman year of high school! If it's "local" for you, you are somewhere between Baltimore and DC, possibly the Laurel area?

I haven't been back to Maryland since 1983 - my father was stationed on Ft. Meade and retired from there... Matter of fact, we used to watch Marty Bass and a little-known Oprah Winfrey for the local news "Catchin' Bass"...

How cool, to work from home...and have the option of reporting in jammies! Good thing he's not a TV personality! :roll:


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Hi...I'm a listener too. Have been following his progress on 98's web site. I missed the Preakness, but what a beautiful day He had for his surprise, and I also heard it was a record breaking attendence. I Wish you and your family all the best.


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