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For Fran in Chicago suburbs

Guest Jonathan

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Guest Jonathan

Hi Fran, I lost your email addess, and I know that you come here often so am hoing you will get this message, and if you do not, I will call you at home. Here is that list of drugs that I believe are still options for you.

Also, seeing as you are becoming somewhat resistant to cemotheraputic agents, I would Make yur oncologist give you aCT scan after every2-3 cycles (treatments) of chemo. This way you will know early on whether or not the chemo is working, and catch it.

CPT-11 (Camptosar) with or without cisplatin

cytoxin with vincristine and adriamycin



methotrexate with lomustine


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Just a note following up on Jonathan's post --

Gleevec is not a chemotherapy agent. It does appear to be a promising treatment as it has made a huge difference in leukemia and gastro-intestinal cancer patients. However, you have to ask that you are tested for the c-kit gene -- they should be able to do this test with the cell block that they used to diagnosis and stage you. Fran, I don't know what suburb you are in of Chicago, but if you haven't already sought out the advice/opinion of Dr. Bonomi at Rush Hospital, I strongly advise you to do so. My father was treated at UofC and received excellent care although they missed a huge thing (i.e, his lung was collapsed!) and were not as agressive/forward thinking as we would have liked. We were referrred by so many people to Dr. Bonomi and he is wonderful. He is on top of what the latest information is regarding treatment for SCLC and is willing to try it. He also has a great manner about him and the way he treats the patient.

Good luck to you. I am sorry that you have to go through this, it is a hideous disease and I pray that you are one that beats it!

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Guest Jonathan

HI Maria,

Yes, i agree with you that Dr. Bonomi would be an excellent choice for Fran if she were to transfer to Rush Presbiterian St. Lukes. I have has many conversations with him and think he is an excellent physician in an excellent hospital we are so lucky to have here in chciago. Although, I am sorry to here you had a bad experience with them, the University of Chicago Hospitals and the Center for Advanced Medicine are ranked amond the top ten cancer centers in the United States. I too, would recommend them as well. My mom was treated at the University Of Chicago by Dr. Everett Vokes and Dr. Charles Rudin, and they were wonderful. I wanted her to live forever, and she did not, however they did give her 3.5 years that she most likely otherwsie wouldn't of have had. She had extensive stage small cell lung cancer, and that length of time is remarkable for this stage of small cell patients. So yes, Fran I would agree with maria as far as Dr. Bonomi, or the U of C. They are both on the cutting edge of research and both have experts in the field of lung cancer, whereas in a community hospital you have one or two oncologists that treat all cancers, and therfore simply do not have the resources to research and be experts in all the different types of cancers.


What is your experience may I ask? Where are you located here in chicago? How is everything?

email me at te11t@aol.com

I would like to hear from you. Jonathan

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