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Not sure which forum to post this. Ray A posted it under good news and boy was he right, it is amazing. Ours started today, I came home to sleep 6 hours and I just wanted to tell everyone how wonderful it is. A lot of relays are this weekend and in the upcoming weeks. I urge people to check it out, it is such a special feeling. You don;t have to be on a team to go, you can just walk the survivor lap and hang around and meet people. There are different booths set up, and kids camp for the kids. The kids were having a BLAST!!!! The environment and the peope, oh my gosh. I cried my eyes out over certain songs. The survivors had a purple sash on. Oh my gosh. Wow.

Natalie if you read this--tissues are required for yours tomorrow :)

Organization wise, I have to say, it was hectic and chaotic in the beginning hours and setting up, but suddenly, it was like boom, time came and it just came together.

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I am back. Physically exhausted, my body is NOT used to activity. And manning the food booth and setting up the tables for two days, it was like cardio overload.

Snowflake, all I can tell you is that I did not eat 1 donut. Read into that what you may. :oops: But I did sweat a ton!

Newport Beach raised $87,000 and it was just a great experience. Our team tied for first place for "mission delivery" b/c of all the lung cancer information we put up.

The best part was when my mom's friends from her office came to see her for the first time since diagnosis. Talk about waterworks :)

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