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Can someone help me understand please?

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Dave S, I think that's a very important point. Who to believe? There appear to be cancer scams everywhere you look. Also, in the case of possibly legitimate therapies, such as Essaic tea, others are designing their own formula and selling it as the original. One company in Florida actually copied the trademark label.

I read that when Mannatech started to make money, other companies started selling counterfeit products labeled as Mannatech. That's ironic - if it is a scam and other companies are scamming the scammers.

There are some remedies I feel might be valuable and do not seem to be scams but then I think: Sun Soup costs $300/month when it's no more than veggies and herbs? How about Ukraine? It does seem effective but 10k to 30k a year? It's a combo of herbal remedy and one of the oldest chemo agents around - thiopeta, I think. Bad enough the scam artists are make a killing off us (yeah I meant to say that) but when remedies that have been shown to be efficacious are sold at prices 100 times the cost of their ingredients, I have to question the humanity in some people - how on earth could they do such a thing.

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Dear all,

I am no expert--and have not done extensive research on it, but wanted to pass "my story" on since the topic had come up.

Geoff's mom was a true devotee of Mannatech for about a year or so BEFORE she was dx'd with LC.

I remember the dinner when she and Geoff's dad were telling us about the company for the first time quite clearly becuase I found the conversation so disturbing. I had no thoughts of cancer on my mind--I was just listening to them 1) describe the line of products and 2) analyzing what they were telling me about it from a business persepctive.

They then proceeded to give us a ton of Mannatech products. I had not liked ANY of what I had heard (or read) about the company (from their "scientific" claims to their business tactics) so I never took a single pill (and I am NOT anti-supplements, by any means).

When Geoff's mom was diagnosed, we went through her kitchen re-vamping everything (no sugar, etc.). When we got to the supplement cabinet--anything and everything with the Mannatech lebel was tossed DIRECTLY into the trash.

Now you have my thoroughly un-educated opinion on Mannatech supplements, for whatever it may be worth.


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Another horror story re: Mannatech.

On one of our local news stations, it was reported that a woman with cancer had been following a treatment protocol suggested to her by a Mannatch distributor (although obviously not a Mannatech product). She was eating a whole block of Camambert cheese every day on his recommendation!! Needless to say, this did not help her, and she died from her cancer. Now, I don't know anything about Mannatech products themselves, but if that is what one of their 'salesmen' is like, I would hazard a guess that they are crap!


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