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New face here, want to introduce myself


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Hello, everyone. What a relief to find a message board and forum for just SCLC folks! My name is Anne Burris, I live in Wichita, Ks I am 29 and am the daughter to my mother who was just diagnosed with SCLC on 5/5/03 (my birthday :( ) with mets to liver, bones and lymph nodes.

My father is married to my mother, I have an 19 year old sister (attends college out of state) and a 31 year old brother (living out of state)

Once I was told of my mother's diagnosis I immediately went from working full time to working part time out of my home so that I could do everything possible to help her (wasn't that difficult, i was going to work from home anyhow after I have my baby, i'm 7 months preg, baby is due on 8/2, my mom's bday) . She was only given 9 months to live by this very "busy" oncologist, so busy in fact he dropped the bomb on us in just a matter of 5 minutes saying "you'll win some battles, but not the war", gave us a handshake and left the hospital - haven't seen him since. As far as I'm concerned those words took the wind out of my mother's sails and took any hope that she could have had. I am trying so hard just to give her hope so that she will fight this battle, she says she wants to fight it, but I just don't see the fire in her. Anyhow, we are going to St. Lukes in Kansas City on Wed 29th to meet with a different Oncologist referred to me by an ALCASE phone buddy, Barbara Mayfield, you may have heard of her. Anyway, the purpose of this trip is just to make sure the treatment protocol that my mother is on is the right one, and hopefully this dr will be a little more encouraging than the last onc she saw.

Anyhow, I'll be posting updates (also hope to get a picture of me and mom here soon), i'm so glad to read your postings, and will certainly be praying for you. I think the best part of this whole thing is seeing just how wonderful people are and knowing that people care. I'll be praying for you all. Talk to you soon.

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Anne, I just want to shake my head at that stupid onc telling your mom that. How can they be so insensitive!!!!!!!!!! When my mom was first diagnosed the pulmonologist (he was the one who dx'd her) told her to get her affairs in order and tell us what her wishes were in regard to life support etc. He went on to say she could start coughing up blood that night and have to be put on life support and would die like that!!!!!!!!! :shock: This was all before he even did the bronchoscopy!!!!!!!!!! Just awful!!!!!!! Try not and be discouraged. This cancer is very responsive to chemo and you just never know what can happen. Stay as positive as possible!!:) My mom is doing great right now, she just finished her 6th round of chemo today. A week or so from now she'll be having her catscans to see what's going on. She's made huge progress. SHe was very sick with pneumonia when she was dx'd. SHe had to be on oxygen round the clock and it was difficult for her to get around. For her second opinion she needed to use a wheelchair to get around to the doctor's office, that's how week she was. Now she's doing great, no oxygen, she drives all around including taking herself to her appts. She babysits my daughter, goes shopping, etc. She is basically back to herself. So there is so much hope!!!:) Btw, she is getting Carboplatin and VP-16.

I will add your mom to my prayers. Hang in there!!!!!

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Dear Anne,

You've landed in a VERY supportive place here and hopefully we can help buoy your mom's spirits. Insensitive, busy doctors are a real concern, and I pray that your second opinion person is more in tune with your needs. If not, please keep looking. This time is precious, no matter how long you might be given, so you don't need any negativity. Keep us posted.

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Hello Anne....

I hope you find what you are looking for in Kansas City....But if you don't....Head southwest my girl......

Mike and I are currently at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Tulsa. We are so completely impressed by the caring, the thoroughness of the staff and doctors.....I HIGHLY recommend this place to everyone!

Wichita isn't that far from Tulsa.....

Hugs to you and your mom.....

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Guest canuckwebgrrl


What a horrific story! Unfortunately some Drs don't seem to have much of a bedside manner. We were very lucky, the news was delivered in the most sensitive way possible. The Ottawa Hospital went above and beyond for us. My step-dad (52) was diagnosed March 1, 2003, with extensive SCLC, with node and liver mets. He has just finished his 4th round of chemo. If you would like to talk, send me a private message.

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