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Unexplained pain, have you had it?


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Hello friends,

My husband has SCLC (limited) and is half way through his chemo ( 28 days of radiation completed 4/23). The past few days he has experienced a sharp, sharp pain in his right shoulder. This limits how he can sit and lay down. He has to sleep in a recliner, not able to completely lay down. He has a bone scan, chest x-ray, bloodwork, along with other tests scheduled for today and then we meet with the dr on 5/24. Does this pain sound familiar? Thanks.

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Guest Phyllis

Hi, I am on carboplatin/taxol and experience shoulder pain (pretty intense) due to it. It is a side effect of the chemo. I don't know what type of chemo your husband is doing but that is a possibility.

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Carbo/Taxol definitely caused joint and muscle pain for me. I took Vicodin some of the days to deal with it. Now that I am on mega Celebrex, I am no longer experiencing shoulder, neck or back pain. I'm sure that stress does contribute, but chemo therapies certainly can result in that kind of pain.


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When I was started on Taxol/carbo I had really intense bone/joint pain. I mean intense. But I also had transient pain at the site of known tumor masses. One of these was my left 2nd rib (which fractured). So I had some shoulder pain associated with that.

Generally I try to think of pain as reflecting something GOOD going on inside. In my case the transient pain gradually subsided and was replaced by a "crawling" sensation in my right/middle chest. This was the location of my 5 cm primary tumor. Sure enough at my next CT, the 5 cm primary was gone and only a bit of scar tissue remained.

Right now I'm on a different therapy and recently started having pain where I didn't know I had any tumor activity. Now I really don't know what to think. For better or worse, I'm getting CTs chest and abdomen a week from today (and trying not to let myself think about it until then).

Good luck to us all,

Dave S

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It would have been nice if you had been given a list of all the possible side effects of the chemo then you wouldn't have had a period of uncertainty. I was given a type-written sheet of both of my chemos that explained all about the type of chemo and gave a full list of side effects.

Wishing you the best.........

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