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Who wants a tote bag?


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I haven't entered the new millenium yet--no digital camera. But I have black tote bags that look identical to the t-shirts at LCSC Store with the "lung cancer may be only a breath away even if you never smoked logo" and it says www.lchelp.com The lettering and ribbon are white on the bag.

If you would like a tote bag, it is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Send a donation in any amount to Katie for LCSC--it can be 1cent up to 1 million dollars! Anything over 1 million dollars, PM me, I want to talk to you ;)

2. E-mail me at andreascheff@cox.net your name and mailing address or PM me here.

3. Wait a few days and wooola, a tote arrives :)

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And then we have our dear and darlin Andrea - WOOOLA! I think your the WOOLA my dear!! Your soooo darn loveable and cute. Love the message! Not surprised it came out of you! :wink:

Funny thing is, I sent a donation in today, before you posted this message, does that count???

Love & Hugs,


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Yes ladies, it counts :) PM or e-mail me your addresses. Or post here. Whatever works best :)

I have to share this, I really do--I officially hereby crown myself IDIOT OF THE MONTH. My official prize? An increased risk of skin cancer, pain, and discomfort. Yes, I forgot my sunblock at Relay. Yes, I was just at urgent care. Yes, I have second degree burn on my arms with lots of sun blisters (that has not happened since 1st grade) Yes, I saw my dr at Urgent Care and he got a great chuckle over it. Haha :)

Ginny--it makes sense that you used the word pocketbook, you are from the east coast. Did you know that in California pocketbooks are called purses? Like lets say you go to Gucci or Fendi or Coach, what do you buy? On the east coast (I am from NY) they are pocketbooks. Here in California they are purses. Wierd, huh? Also, Reeboks, Nikes--in NY they were sneakers. In California they are tennis shoes.

OK, time for Brian to put Aloe on my arms. I am not sure if he realizes yet that today is our 2 year anniversary from when we met :)

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