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CEA test how important is it?


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Hello to all of you brave souls

It's been awhile since I've posted, but I have a question regarding the CEA test. My husband started out at 78, then after two rounds of chemo was at 38 and is now at 10.8. We know this is a good thing, but how much weight should we put on this test????

Is there a better test out there?

Thank you and God bless you all

Laura :lol:

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I have stage IV NSCLC adenocarcinoma too. My CEA has always been normal. I wish I had a simple marker like this I could use for monitoring my progress. Since I don't have any marker to use I must wait for my scans to reflect whether I'm doing well or poorly. So in a sense I envy you for having a marker to give you early indications as to the effectiveness of treatment.

If I did have a CEA level which was responsive I would rely on it heavily for use as an EARLY indicator of whether any particular treatment protocol was working or not. Just my opinion, of course.

Best Wishes, Dave S

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