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Dad back in the hospital


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Hi everyone.. I usually post in the newbie board, but I see everyone reads everwhere. I got a call from my mom last night - 9:30 - it seems to be that is her cue to call me with bad news.. all the calls I get from her are at 9:30, hmm, maybe I shouldnt answer the phone?. Anyways, she told me that my step dad went to the dr because of a mild fever and generally not feeling well, more than usual.. His temp was over 103., and was having pain and very bad couging.. they ran another round of X-rays and a PET... well- fluid on the lungs, tumor growing, and pneumonia again. And to top this all off, there is a mass now in one of his adrenal glands, like I said last week - it just gets worse by the day. He is not getting around very well, my mom said he couldnt even walk to his chair from the couch - all of 3 or four steps. I think because he is in so much pain from the fluid. They are going to drain today - I hope that has already been done, since its a bit after 11 am now. Well, good news is that his liver is ok as far as not having cancer, it is clear in that respect, but there is something else going on, so for the time being, no chemo until they can find out what is going on there. They are going to radiate the lung - I dont know why it has taken so long for that, but I am here and they are there..... I am just sick of this - Cancer is pure EVIL.

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I'm sorry that right now you are beseiged with bad news. Right now, your step-father is in the hospital under the watchful eye of the medical community. Whatever is causing that fever needs to be stopped - high fevers are not good for adults. From there, a new game plan will be set out and you will all go from there.

If you are concerned that things are getting "worse and worse", maybe you should consider taking time off and going down to see in person. Sounds to me like maybe your mother could use some help and support besides the 9:30P phone calls.... Just a thought. My own mother would never actually come out and ask for help, but there are signs that she NEEDS it. Is it possible for you to get away for a few days and offer her a hand to hold and hear this information from the doctor yourself so you can ask the questions that are nagging at you so much?

Take care, Angela. If you need someone to talk to, PM me and I'll send you my phone number.


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