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hubby had 3rd round of chemo


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Up date Rich had 3rd round of carbo and taxol yesterday did well had a little problem with back spasms and some dizzyness but doing better today. Doctor said one more round and then he will scan him to see if there is any progess. We have 2 wedding one this saturday for his nephew and one next saturday for my nephew so the doctor said to come in today and he will give him some kind of booster shot to get him through the weddings, I sure hope it helps because a round wendsday is when the chemo hit him and he gets very tired and gruppy. So I guess we wait at least a month for new scans to see if it is working. will keep you up dated. Charolette

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My husband gets the same dizziness. I rented a wheelchair for our last outing which came in very handi and plan to do it for a wedding at the end of the month since my husband will have chemo a day before. Have fun at the weddings!

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When I had problems with my white blood cells they gave me Nupogen. It is a shot that you have to get every day for 4or 5 days, I can't remember. But be warned, this causes really bad deep bone pain in some people. You may want to ask the dr. about something for the pain if he gets it.


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