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Marlboro coupons

David A

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I just recieved some marlboro coupons in the mail on the envelope it said if you want to be taken off our mailing list call this phone#, I don't want to be on it as I no longer smoke, so I called the # and it was a recording it said"if you want to be taken off our mailing list say one(1) after the tone" so I waited for the tone and said "one" tried several times and the computer couldn't recognize my saying one due to vocal chord parylsis, which is caused by Lung cancer, which is casued by using marlboro, winston and other cigerettes, I just found it so ironic .

Yesterday I had an old man tell me it didn't look as if I needed to park in a handicap spot( I do have a permit), when I replied which I wasn't real nice about he kinda did a double take when he heard my voice as I sound like an adult version of froggy(lil rascals) but have no volume.

God Bless us all (even DaveG).

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I can so relate to this thread, lol. I am a group sales manager at a large resort hotel and the very 1st group I had after dx was Philip Morris! Boy it was hard to work that one, lol. I however, was professional, and didn't exactly blame the folks I dealt with for my lung cancer. I DID tell them about it however, lol.

God Bless,


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