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Clean test!!!


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Dad's CT came back clean today!!! Anyone who has been following my dads story...i also updated my defeated again post in the NSCLC section with this news!!!

Thanks for everyones good luck and wishes... It seems to be working!!!


PS. Biopsy tomorrow, if it comes back clean.... onto surgery :D

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Hi guys, Thanks for all the good wishes and congrat's!

My dad had his biopsy done Thursday, and we are waiting on those results now.l If its clean (were hoping it is because weve already had a clean PET, and CT) then they will schedule a pulminary function test, and if that goes will (we have no doubt), then surgery will be a GO! We just have to wait on this biopsy....And its killin' us!!!!! Hopefully Ill post tommorow sometime with some great news!!!!!!!

Thanks again,


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