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Luuucccyyy, I'm gonna splode.............


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This has nothing to do with cancer but I have to share, lol.

We have a new Oriental Buffet restaurant that opened about a month ago an it HAS to be one of the best restaurants I have been to in YEARS! It is $8.95 for all you can eat with about 20 entrees, rices, desserts, etc, but the big attraction is it includes peel and eat shrimp, 3 other types of shrimp AND CRAB LEGS!!!! My kids and I went there again tonight with my ex-in laws and I am SO FULL I am gonna splode all over the place, lol. It is amazing to find a place that good and that cheap anymore! Anyone who wants to come visit I will be happy to take you to dinner!!! We have been there 3 times in the month they have been open and I have eaten more crab in the past month than in the past 10 years! My grandson has decided HE likes crab also but he has a hard time "Crapping" the crab to get it out of the shell, lol. We are working on "Cracking" the crab but so far that isn't working either, lol.

Anyway, open dinner invite to anyone who comes to MO!!!

God Bless,


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I'm on the first leg of my trip to Louisiana in a few hours :wink: and boy that is one thing I am looking forward to. All of the crab that I can eat! Of coarse it is a different kind of crab but hot boiled crabs or shrimp are always a treat. Enjoy it MO and remember crabs are like Chinese they are good for you and an hour later you will be hungry again so stay longer and eat again! Yea right

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Oh Mo, I feel your pain!! What a coincidence.........we had a new chinese place to open about 6 weeks ago........all you can eat for $8.95.........crab legs, shrimp........the whole enchilada!! (Hey, they even have enchiladas on the buffet!!) We LOVE Chinese food. Like you, we have been 3 or 4 times this past month. Mmmmmmmmmm! My youngest daughter, who is seven, has always called crab legs "spider legs". She started calling them that at about age three. It has stuck with my family. We ALL call crab legs "spider legs". When we go to the buffet and ask my daughter if she wants some "spider legs" on her plate, we sure get some strange looks. People are double checking the labels on the buffet to be sure that they didn't get any "spider legs"!! :lol::lol: Pace yourself, Mo.............we don't want you to splode!!


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