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my mom was diagnosed w/ sclc w/ mets to adrenal in june of 2002. She went through chemo(cisplatin) then went for a PET. the pet showed activity in lung and chest but no activity in the adrenal. Even though she was not a candidate for radiation in the beginning, the dr. sent her for radiation because it was off the adrenal. She recently went for another PET 6 weeks after radiation was complete. The results showed less activity in the lung, but the tumor has not shrunk, and more activity in the chest, but no tumor! The radiologist who read the report said she could have went for the pet too early, because radiation works up to three months after you finish. Does anybody know anything about this? Any reply would be greatly appreciated. Thanx for listening

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radiation does continue to work long after treatment has completed. it is hard to wait and see, but i feel if it hasn't grown and since it was so soon after treatment that there is tremendous hope for the following weeks and months, and that it may shrink. best of luck. mirrell

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Hi Debbie,

Welcome to the group. I was told the radiation keeps working for a couple of months after treatment ends. I'm still waiting to have my tests for results. I'm thinking that if the results aren't everything we hope for they will probably try another type of chemo. It does sound like there has been good progress in your mother's case. Please keep us posted, try not to worry, and take one day at a time.


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