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Lenr8, Hang tough. The waiting sure is the pits, but it's important that they Stage you correctly. I had to wait for over a month to begin treatment. So, hang tough. In the meantime, start visualizing the tumor getting smaller. Evey time I blew my nose (nine million times a day!) I pictured pieces of my tumor exiting into a kleenex. Kinda gross, but it worked for me.

Remember: The power of positive thinking can change your life! JudyB

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Good to meet you but so sorry it had to be here.

You have the right attitude and believe me, attitude is everything! My tumor was also 4cm near the clavicle- a Pancoast tumor.

Getting properly staged is crucial to selecting the right treatment. Fox Chase did chemo and radiation at the same time. Perhaps this is also an option for you. The first place I went said nothing about a pancoast tumor and told me chemo and rads would be too mcu for my body to handle.

I got a 2nd opinion at a cancer center and told them to pin their ears back and let me have it. Together, we kicked cancers butt!

I'm glad to see you use visulization. That really helped me. It kept me calm and clear headed and was a great help in heling myself. Also, I needed no anti depressents to due the mediatation.

Good luck, there is a wonderful group of people herre. We're all survivors.


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So sorry you have to go through this and at such a young age. Boy, sometimes life is just unfair. Lots of great advice has been given to you by the rest of the gang. Once you start treatment you will feel more positive; it's like finally knowing the enemy and being able to roll up your sleeves and fight. Good luck and we're praying for a good outcome.


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Guest DaveG


Over 30 response to you orginal post. This is whay I like this board, we care. Keep us posted as to your progression, and start postng in other sections of the baodr as well, because you are now a veteran of this site and no longer the "rookie ". :D:D:D

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Hello, just saw your posting and all the wonderful responses. This is a terrific bunch here. You will beat this thing. The power of positive thinking is an awsome thing. Imagry is a powerful thing also, it can make your mind and body do amazing things. Find a phsycologist who specializes in it to help you. Your insurance should cover it. I had some introductrion to imagry when I was a proffessional musician (former life) but I was referred to a psychologist who soley works with cancer patients and specialized in Imagry and she reall helped to focus my mind and gave different sugestions as to ways to do the Imagry to erradicate the cancer from my body. I am 38 years old with a 20 mointh old baby girl and I WILL see her get married and have children of her own. There is no doubt in my mind. Remember Len, YOU CAN BEAT THIS! Don't even think about looking at statistics, you are too young to even begin to fit into the statistics, you are a unique individual who will shatter the statistics and see your kids grow up. Keep us all posted on how you are doing.

David C

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