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Relay for LIfe (El Cajon, CA. June 26th.)


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I've been reading a lot of posts about these events and thought it would be neat to participate in one. Well I found there's going to be one in El Cajon (just east of San Diego and only a few minutes by bus from where I live). Soooo... I'm gonna participate.

Now, I don't have a team or anything so probably won't be in the relay itself ... but I darn sure WILL take part in the Victory/Survivors lap just before the relay itself. (However ... if any S.Cal types want to form a team I'd be interested .. and remember *I* don't have to walk! :shock: My scooter will go 25 miles on a single charge and all I have to do to extend that is to turn it off when I'm not moving. :)).

One thing I could use is a LCSC T-shirt (x-large) if anyone has one they don't need. If not I do have a tote bag that will be promenently displayed when I go there.


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Hi Dean, Its pretty awsome. I had to dry a few tears. They will give you a Survivors Tshirt to wear. Be prepared to figure out a way to put it on with no dressing room!!!! You will look pretty cool on your scooter, just wish we could be there to cheer you on.


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I have an extra t-shirt, I got 4. Is XXL ok? Give me the address. Go Dean Go!

I would have loved to have gone to your Relay, but I am popping by the Relay up North in Los Angeles taht weekend that my mother in law is involved in.

Relay is addicting!!!! Brian doesn't know it yet, but we are popping by the Irvine CA one June 5 also :)

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I walked in a survivors lap in my home town a few weeks ago. It was very emotional for me. They gave me a survivors T-shirt and a medal to wear around my neck. I wore it with pride. Take the tote though, we always need new members :)


PS. Go Dean Go. I am proud of you and hope you feel great the day of the relay.

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Bumper stickers would be neat for this kind of "free T-shirt" thing as any other T-shirt one is wearing would be covered... With a LCHELP.com bumper sticker to peel and stick on the new T-shirt, there would be advertisement for the site AND the new SURVIVOR T-shirt wouldn't be defaced in any way (the sticker would peel off).

Design could be black outlined (or solid) letters on a white back ground, the ribbon and just the web address (as most of these are cancer events, anyway)...

Just a thought...

(Let me know if I need to send $$ if the idea will fly)


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