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Help with Walk in Chicago


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Hi everyone. I hope you all are well.

We are working dilligently on 2nd Annual Lung Cancer Walk & Rally in Chicago, and hoping to get some great publicity and 250+ participants. We have a website under construction at www.lungcancerwalk.org - I hope all of you in or near Chicago can come!

I am looking for a couple of survivors to speak briefly at this event. Any interest? Feel free to contact me at rkosiarek@broadviewinc.net

I would also love to hear from anyone who wants to help work on the walk.


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I have been in almost constant contact with Renee recently as we both continue to plan our events for November.

I just just wanted to let everyone in the Chicago area know that Renee plans for this walk to be bigger and better than last year's and raise lots of awareness for LC with the public and the media, as well as significant funding for ALCASE!

However......Renee is also expecting a baby any day now :!: and I have a sneaking suspicion that she could use a little help ~ either with some of the walk details or with volunteers giving a few hours of time the morning of the walk to help out with the "behind the scenes" type stuff.

I know that at least one board member here has signed on to be a "Survivor Speaker" at the event as well as someone volunteering to update the walk website and I think that is so awesome!!!

If anyone else in the Chicago area can lend a little time to make this walk the wonderful awareness-raising event it has the potential to be, please contact Renee at her e-mail address listed above.

Thanks, guys!!!

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