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I just got an e-mail below from my former college roommate. It made me think of LCSC and how fast it is growing:

I went to a benefit on Tuesdayfor a foundation that my cousin started for Thyroid Cancer. Have i evermentioned it before? Well, she has been living with thyroid cancer for 9yrs and started this foundation shrotly after her diagnosis. the annuaklevent have been held at various donated spaces in the city but this year it was on a boat that circled the city. it was very cool but I was more impressed with what has transpired in the last year. She got together last year with Lowe partners Worldwide, a huge advertising company and they are launching a national campaign with radio, tv, and print ads and the kicker is that Rod Stewart is the spokeman! Apparetly, Thyroid Cancer is the leading cancer caused death in men and is the fasted growing cancer among women - which doesn't make sense to me since you sya lung cancer is but i won't split hairs. In any event, I am really proud and amazed at how far this organization has come and i thought it might be something you wanted to look into. The name of it is The Light of Life Foundation and there is a website under that name. Check it out if you have some time.

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