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My sister died this afternoon


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My dear friends,

It is with great sadness that I have to tell you the my dear, dear sister lost her brave battle about 3 hours ago. She had been in the hospital in Tulsa for about 9 days with complications from her feeding tube. She then got sepsis.

She was a fighter and fought as hard as she could. We knew this a.m. that she had had a bad night and her daughter was fighting to get her back into ICU. I was not there because of Earl - so hard to make that decision.

Her daughter said she died very peacefully and gave her a final wonderful present - right before she died, she smiled. Her daughter also put the phone up to her ear before hand, so I got tell her goodbye.

I will miss her forever. She was my mentor, my friend and my sister. We spoke everyday and laughed everyday.

My children and I will be going to Tulsa on Monday for the Memorial service. Will be back late Tuesday or early Wednesday. Earl's daughter will come here and take care of her Dad.

Thank you for the prayers for my sister, I am sure they helped her be peaceful at the end.


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My sympathies to you and your family, Ginny. I don't know why things happen in multiples, but I do know that people are amazingly resilient in their ability to deal with them. May you and your family find peace. Your sister certainly has.

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I am so sorry to see this. My heart just breaks to know that your dear beloved sister is gone.

You are in my thoughts and prayers along with the rest of your extended family. May God grant you strength and comfort in knowing she is with Him now.



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I am so sorry for you and your family and your sisters family. I know this is a great loss for you. I held the phone to my dad's ear so that his brother could tell him he loved him and tell him goodbye and I know that daddy heard and felt peace from that --just as I know your sister did too.

Her children will remember that last gift of a smile always as I do my dads.

I'm so sorry ginny. I know these next several days and weeks will be very difficult for you all- sending prayers of comfort for you.


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