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The "Polyp King" unbelievable...


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Well, It has been a LONG DAY... Daddy went for his colonoscopy this morning... (he has severe anemia and they found blood in his stool). Anyway, they told us the procedure would last about 20 min. 1 1/2 hours later, the doctor appeared saying she has never had to work so hard... HE HAD 17 POLYPS removed!!! She said he set a new record at the hospital. She seemed to think all looked fine, will hear more from the pathology report in 5 days, but I am feeling a bit more optomistic. She also said he will have to have a colonoscopy every 6 months because of his "ability" to produce so many polyps. She also said that his children MEANING ME!! should have a colonoscopy now as it must be a hereditary condition... GRRREEEATTTT!! I didn't mind inheriting his looks or great sense of humor, but his polyps!!??? UGGGHHH!! Anyway, I am feeling somewhat better. Again, I thank you for your prayers, I will let you know as soon as we get the pathology report. God Bless you all. Love, Sharon

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Having "been there, done that" with the colonoscopy, I can tell you that the prep is far worse than the procedure! :shock:

Ain't much of a big deal, but it's a real crappy test!

Glad he's been "purged" of the darn little growths! Wow, some record - what's the trophy look like? Is it a medal or a large "cheerio" with the number engraved? :roll: HOPEFULLY, when the story is recounted by staff, it will be "some guy" and NOT "Mr. So-and-so"...

Take care, Sharon. Blow off some of that stress and bulk up on your fiber!

Becky :wink:

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I can think of several things I'd rather be notorious for....than producing polyps!! :? Some claim to fame, eh? :D But I'm glad they got your Dad all cleaned out and I will keep a good thought for everything being benign.

It's true the prep is the worst part...and even that has been improved, in terms of NOT having to drink a gallon plus of that oily stuff! I just had one last November. All it took was 3 glasses of the mixture in water....and then 3 more glasses 12 hours later. It was being HUNGRY that got to me the most. My stomach grumbled and complained and I was NOT fit to live with.

The procedure itself was a breeze....because I was out like a light! It's the only way to go for this procedure. So just make sure you find a doc who zonks you out for it.

Hope Dad is feeling more chipper already and continued prayers and good wishes coming your way!

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