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Here's to one year!


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Hi, everybody---just wanted to share that it's been exactly one year today that I quit smoking. Now, this came about after terrifying news about a mass showing up on my CT scan that needed further evaluation and led to my acquaintance with my thoracic surgeon, and of course I don't need to tell all of you what the rest of the story was with that.

But, while last year on this day and for many many days and weeks that followed, I didn't have either the spirit or the physical strength to get up off the couch a lot of the time, I sure did spend this day well.

Started off first thing this morning with a bake sale fundraiser for my Relay for Life team, out to lunch after that with my husband--he also quit smoking when I did. Then, appointment to get my nails done--Yeah!--and a three mile walk this afternoon for exercise. Tomorrow night it's dinner out to celebrate!

A lot has changed in the past year, that's for sure, but I think things are actually better in a lot of ways now. I never cough anymore--I'm exercising again--eating better, and got rid of those cigarettes for good. Working on losing some of the weight that the events of the past year put on, but that's ok.

It sure beats the terror that I was experiencing last year at this time--I just had a full round of tests--breast surgeon, mammogram, thoracic surgeon, chest x-ray, oncologist, blood work, and everything checks out ok! Good to go for another 3 months--I am a thankful, grateful person today!

Just a few weeks and I'll be a full year out from chest surgery--another milestone.....

Best wishes to you all....

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Thanks everybody for your kind words--I know I've said this before, but this board and it's hope and support saved me from a nervous breakdown last year--you all continue to lift my spirits every day!

Bless you all!

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Is it just me, or are there a lot of us who were May and June diagnosis and/or surgery people last year? Just seems like there was a lot of that going on at the time I discovered this board when I was in the middle of that nightmare.......

Congratulations to all of the rest of you who either just had or are approaching that anniversary! They say quitting smoking is the hardest thing someone can do--I can go along with that. Even with the best reason in the world it was still tough, but I'm sure glad we've got a year behind us.

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That is amazing to quit smoking while going through LC dx. :shock: I would have wanted one then.

March 3rd, Rochelle's birthday six years ago I quit. I tried several times before during the 37 years to quit. This time I was determind not to buy one cigarette. I know a place where you can buy them one at a time. It was the down fall of one of my previous attempts.

That is remakable. Keep it up. :D

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Okay, with all the stuff I have had going on, I somehow missed this post!!

Congratulations on one year of not smoking... you know I know how hard that can be!!

Glad to hear that you are doing wonderfully....

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