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CT Scan 5/26


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Since Doc is going to be out of town next week he gave me a week off from Chemo (big of him wasn't it???). Instead he wants me to get a CT Scan to see how things are doing. I will get the results on the 3rd just before I leave for MN. I know my lymphs have stayed about the same cause I can feel them but I am thinking my liver has gotten a bit worse because I am getting a bloated feeling more so now than in the past. He said we would look at another form of chemo if things weren't better sooooooooooo I guess we wait till the 3rd and see what he has to say.

Any spare prayers are appreciated as always!

Love you guys and God Bless,


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Prayers, Positive Vibes, Much needed Support, and a very BIG WARM AND GENTLE HUG is coming your way. (((((((MO)))))))

Good luck! My fingers, toes, eyes & arms are crossed. Sorry can't cross the legs, might need to go potty! Oh CRAP, my toe just went out of joint!

hummm! :roll: nix that one too! I'm trying!!! (((((MO)))))

Love, Hugs, and Support,


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You are always in my prayers Mo! You continue to be an inspiration to me with that fighting attitude of yours. I would cross my legs too, but my chunky thighs are in the way.

Anyway, please keep us posted. We all love you so.


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Well, my CT Scan is done but I won't get the results till 6/3 :? .

I HATE waiting for test results :evil: but with Doc on vacation I have to wait for him to return!

Thank you all for the prayers and good wishes and I will let you know on the 3rd what we find out!

God Bless,


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