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Looking for/ or to start support group in Los Angeles

Guest zzzany

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Guest zzzany

I am posting this for a friend who doesn't have a computer.

58 year old female diagosoed with stage 1-A: non-small cell:

adenocarcinoma; bronchioloaleveolar (BAC) lung cancer.

She is interested in forming a STAGE 1-A lung cancer support group with any type of lung cancer. Either non-small cell, large cell or small cell. Gender, age, and survivial years are non issues.

Believes that sharing information about treatment, recurrences, clinical trials, etc wll increase the survival rate and be beneficial in helping to deal with ones fears and anxieties.

Lives in the Santa/Monica, Malibu area. Those interested please e-mail me and I will foward the information on to my friend.

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Its really to bad she doesnt have access to the computer as this group does exactly what she is looking for. It touches people for all over the world and feel that most or all items are touched upon here.

We would be more than happy to share what we can with her, but it will be a struggle in the communication realm without email.

Let me know how we can help..



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starting a "face to face" support group is a good idea, but from what I know about BAC (Bronchioloalveolar Carcinoma) she is going to be hard pressed to find too many BACers who are Stage I. Most BACers are diagnosed at much later stages. And frankly, BAC is such a strange type of Cancer that what applies to most other early stage Lung Cancers will not be applicable to either pure BAC or Adenocarcinoma with BAC features.

Rick is correct in that much of what your friend is looking for can be found here. Donna made good suggestions about internet access at most libraries.

I hope you will ask your friend to reconsider excluding all but Stage I Lung Cancer patients.

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