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Looking for ideas Re: New Shoulder Pain

dave s

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Hi All,

Over the past week I've developed increasing pain in my left shoulder. I'm now taking Percoset regularly to make the pain tolerable and I'm becoming concerned. I was already scheduled for CTs of my chest and abdomen next Monday so hopefully I'll get some info from that. I'll ask for more detailed "slices" in the area when I get the chest CT. Coincidentally this is my 2 year anniversary of my diagnosis (stage IV NSCLC). So I'm trying to think of what the possible causes are for this new pain. I'd like to have a list of possibilities in mind before I talk to my oncologist to review the CT results.

Shortly after my diagnosis I had shoulder pain a lot like this and it was found to be bone mets to the 2nd rib. At that time they said I had a pathological fracture. After radiation and chemo the pain went away and I've been pain free in this area ever since. I don't know if the fracture ever really healed or not. So that's one possible explanation (a re-fracture of that 2nd rib).

I also wondered about a pancoast tumor. Can anyone tell me if there are specific pain symptoms for pancoast or is it just generalized shoulder pain?

Any other ideas? I've already notified my oncologist (and asked for more Rx for pain killers).

This is probably a good time to tell you all how much I appreciate having this place to come and discuss/ask questions. If it weren't for you folks and this place I don't know what I would do. It's quite reassuring to have such wonderful folks to turn to.

Best wishes to us all, Dave S

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