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As I sit here worrying about what my mom calls a slight muscle strain on her side and wondering if it is more, I came across this poem from the Pity Pot website. They have neat stuff on here, I believe Snowflake once posted the link to the website. I am cutting and pasting to share b/c it just so fits what I feel and probably what others feel.


Copyright© By Linda Nielsen

I know I have aches and pains,

I've had them both for years.

But now each brings a panic,

and a fresh new set of fears.

If I even feel a tiny bump

no matter of its size,

I feel my cancer has come back,

to claim another prize.

Fear is with me all the time,

it haunts me night and day.

To think this batch of cells gone wrong,

just yet might get their way.

The doctors nod when I dash in,

and send me on my way.

Assuring me that once again,

I'm really here to stay.

For in a car I could crash,

or get stung by a killer bee.

Maybe take a header down some stairs,

this all could happen to me.

I have to learn that dangers lurk,

and recurrence is but one.

But not worrying over trivial things,

is easier said than done.

Having lived through such a scare,

it's hard NOT to be afraid.

For if they'd only say I'm cured,

I'd really have it made.

I know in time this will subside,

my worries should be less.

Life for me will once again,

be filled with happiness


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