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Just wanted to check in with everyone and let you know that I'm doing OK, most of the time. I have been working part-time and now I'm ready to start full-time.

I just returned from Southern California. Tim's mother passed away and I went down for her service and to visit family and friends. I had a good and fun time, even at the service, which was upbeat and a real celebration of a wonderful women. She was buried next to Tim and they share a headstone (room left for me too). Had a great visit with Tim's brother and sisters and the rest of the family and got to see the kids and my granddaughter, so on the whole it was a good time.

Just before I went down to CA, my friend called and told me that two of the men we used to work with have lung cancer. One passed away just before I got there and one passed away the day after I left. They had very advanced cancer when diagnosed and ignored their symptoms for quite a while. I worked with one of them for 29 years and we were good friends, but he kept all this very private. What a shame, if I had know I would have been able to tell him about this group.

I bought a new car last week, my first new car. I had company cars most of my life, so I never had the need. Sure is nice to be able to pick the one you want.

Life is moving on, as it does. I feel Tim around me all the time and have found a few "pennies from heaven". I have very comforting dreams about he (no...not that kind!) and sometimes I just don't want to get up and have them end.

I come to the forum and read often, but it's very hard and brings back memories of the hard times. I always have all of you in my prayers and thoughts.

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