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Tomorrow is the official one year anniversary of my dad's death. May 25th at 12:55 am, but today is the day and long night of his final stages of life, so it is also very weird for me. I keep looking at the clock. I remember the call i got at 10 AM from my hystercial mom telling me to get home from the cape. (it was memorial day weekend and i was away on my annual trip with college friends) so it is a VERY weird day for me. I am not sure I should be in work. I am thinking of taking tomorrow off, so if i am not around then i am out. I just keeping playing the day in my head, which i wish i was not but i can not help it.

So today and tomorrow if you could, please give your loved one an extra hug for me!!!!

In Memory of James F. Santilli

July 8, 1944 - May 25, 2003

God saw you getting tired

And a cure was not to be

So he put His arms around you

And whispered "Come to Me"

A golden heart stopped beating

Hard working hands at rest

God broke our hearts

to prove to us

He only takes the best


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Hope you are doing well. You are just a few steps behind me in this post-cancer journey. Hopefully, anniversary #2 will be a bit easier.

Take care,


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