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WHAT has happened to our country? To our Medical (System?)

Guest bean_si (Not Active)

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Excuse the rave. After I type this I have to hang up the computer, not go out and wait for the call. My phone was supposed to be fixed last Friday but guy screwed up. Grrrrrrrr


I gave my request for 2nd opinion path report to my oncologist last Monday, May 17th.. It was specifically marked "Bill My Patient" (I had no choice at this time). I called a number of times to follow up. They said they'd walk it over to path lab next door. The Path Lab calls me Thursday to say the doctor didn't put any info on form. I drive 15 minutes to place, help fill out form, am told it would go out overnight Thursday or Friday.

It's now Monday. I can't call my oncologist because

a) They never ever get back to me until it's too late.

B) My referral for this oncologist ran out last Thursday; even though I've called primary 7 times, since May 17th, they still don't have refferal.

c) I decide I'll do it myself.

I call MD Anderson Path, was referred to expediting. They know nothing of it. I call local Hospital Path back & woman says it went out Thursday and was signed today by some guy at MD Anderson. I call MD Anderson back, girl in expediting is confused, can't find anything, will look into it. Then when she asks for number and name to call I have to give her my number. She is shocked. YOU"RE the patient. I think: Yeah, what did you expect? Don't tell me doctors actually call for their patients?

Then my primary office calls to let me know they are WAITING on the insurance company to confirm I am insured. WHAT??? Please, open your eyes you dummies. I've been insured through them for years. Yes, I retired May 1st BUT they've been insuring me all month, all year.

Comes the light: Maybe the referral person didn't even call until my very impassioned plea left on her machine this morning. One week late.

I'm still waiting on MD Anderson. Now, I'll have to cancel Wednesday's fitting of the cap for radiation and incur the wrath of the radiation receptionist. All the while, knowing moments count in this fight.

If they don't find the slide or it's corrupted by heat, what then. I've been told they won't do another biopsy (they did 3 - only the last one got viable cells)

What has happened to our country? To our medical system?


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It's called "Apathy" - people just don't care. :(

Starts at places like fast food restaurants where the "service" is cheap and goes right on up to high end expenses - like medical stuff... Don't know exactly when it happened, but it's been within the last 20 years...

Sorry you're caught in this web, wish I could help.


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Guest Phyllis

I am so sorry you are going through this. As if we as patients need additional worries. I can't really help you either except to say I gave up on the doctors. I deal with the nurses and am especially nice to the clerical people. You want complicated. Try dealing with their medical billing system. OMG! I hope you get it sorted out soon.

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