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Happy Birthday Katie!


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Happy Birthday Katie

You are a terrific lady

Thank you so much for all you do

Without you and LCSC I'd be extra blue

Life with cancer is no fun

But because of all the friends here, I sometimes see the sun

May your birthday be filled with joy

As you celebrate with your baby girl and boy

A lung cancer cure is what we all seek

Without it, birthdays can be a bit bleak

But please relax, eat some cake and have fun

We thank you and commend you for all you have done

We all love you so much

This website is my crutch

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Happy Happy Birthday............ to every girl and boy, hope this very special day brings you lots of joy, hope your birthday presents you get from mom and dad will make this very speical day the best you ever had!

That was a song that I remember as a kid.

I know your feeling a little blue on this your speical day, being the first birthday without your dad, but I know he is singing happy birthday to his very speical little girl and he wants you to have a very speical day!!!!

And so do I !!!!


You are LOVED MORE then words can say!


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Thank you for the great poems and the birthday wishes!

Connie is right, today is bitter sweet as my dad is gone and my mom is out of town- the first birthday without either of my parents (and I am sure it won't be the last)

But this thread sure made me smile! The cards I received sure made my day and BIG THANK YOU Andrea!

You guys are the BEST!

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Happy Birthday to one of the "Special" people God places in our lives. Hope you had some happy moments!

Connie, you watched Casey Jones one to many times as a child, lol, thats where that song came from (oopps guess I did too, lol).

God Bless,


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I hope you imagined me singing that to you. Or maybe you better choose not to.

Thinking of you on your special day!


CathyR :lol:

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