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Good/Bad DX?? and ticked

Guest makwa_04

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Guest makwa_04

Well I got a so called DX as you all call it yeaterday late.

I took bone scan and CT Scan friday and was told 'First Thing" Monday

we will call and let you know whats goign on !!

Well i waited and waited all day till one half hour before they closed

And called.. She said he has your chart, He will call you back.. I waited anoter hour {now past their closing} And called back and she said

{Nurse} Well Bone scan showed NO cancer in bones!! So it hadnt spread there !!! Then she said other one is what you know a massive tumor on your left lung and another one... Well I asked whats next ! She said well he will schedule you with a lund Doctor or a chemo guy soon... DUH he told me this Friday !!!

BUT she said Tuesday he wants you to have two MRI,s done one for the lower back and upper back both of which Im having terrible pain from

So I got that scheduled for later today. Im told i have to lay flat on the table for over two hours {will have a hard time fdoing with pain..

NOW !!! I told her yesterday I was about to run out of my medicine, wchich is nore or less working I.e Percocet 325 mg and bottle has 40 in it

Taken "one or two" every four hours. well she said she will call me back in 10 minutes of hich she did, I told her the pills wore off fast and i was having to take 2 1/2 pils for the 4 hour period to do any good and that zonked me out.

Well she said we are going to give you a powerful medicine that you have to be real careful with and i told her she better if Im to lay on a table flat on my back over two hours today.

I went and picked them up and was shocked beyond belief

Now the pain had fully hit me and I had nothing. Soooooooooo

Its Oxycontin 20 pills in the bottle 20 mg a piece.

says take only ONE every 12 hours !! and she warned me of that.

This was the cure all pain med she told me.

So I picked them up and took forst pill yesterday evening at 5:10 pm.

It semi seemed to work but started to wear off by 10:30 that evening By 11 it had wore off totally. NOTE I was not to take anoter till 5:15 AM

So by 1 Am im in gut wrenching pain and cant move I took another..

Doezed till about 4 am and its now past 6 here.. It didnt work !!!

Im in absuloute misery beyond my belief and have been sitting up all night.

So at 630 I took a 1/2 of one and im waiting to she what happens.. This is like taking baby asprin !! I can feel the extra dose kicking in now ....

So this crap aint no good !! They charged me $65 for 20 pills !!! whereas the Percocet was 23 for 40 pills

Im outraged at this doctor. I told her yesterday I need to control the pain in able to get much of anything done. Now Im going to call them backas soon as they open and raise all kinds of heck..

Super med and so powerful..... right......!!!! And i have to be extremecareful taking it.... right......

Whats others thoughts on this?? Also he had not got me into a lung doc yet nor a chemo, he claims he now waitning for this MRi tests to see wahts wrong with back....

The whole reason I went to a doctor in the first place was the pain in my lowe back in the first place.

Why is this doctor so stingy with the pain meds..?????

I feel they are over looking me here and believe me I am raising cain about it.

Could it be the ER original DX that I had not much time is the reason they are in no hurry????

Im left out in a void here with a awsome hurting back..

YESSSSS !!! the extra pill is kicking in.... what else it will do I dont know..

I cant take tests today with my back killing me laying down, its impossible..

And $65 for a wonder pill that dont work is out of reason.

Whats wrond with this nurse or doc?? Dont they take my concern of the major pain serious????

Im at a total loss.

I know this nurse is going to raise all kinds of heck wth me when i tell her I took one at 1:15 am and anothe while ago.. And I aint in no humor to put up with her in any fashion...

Others thoughts???


PS pain goign away slowly now.. although lips are dry.

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I am sorry that you are in all this pain.I take oxycontin too and you need to be very careful.You CANNOT half them.They are time released and halfing them will give you too big a dose at once.You cannot chew them either.Talk to your doctor about increasing the dosage.You can go all the way up to 80mg three times a day.They make them in 20mg,40mg and 80 mg.They work very well for me as long as I take them on schedule.Ask him about a different dosage.The thing that I found about fighting pain is that you need to stay ahead of it.It is easier to keep it down that it is to get rid of it once it starts.Praying for you to get to feeling better soon.Pain sucks every bit of fight out of you if you let it.TBone

It is very important not to cut oxycontin in half or to chew them.It is widely abused in this way for an instant high and becoming a real problem in emergency rooms.Also I just heard that there is a generic oxycontin now that is cheaper but I am not sure about it.Might be worth checking into.

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Hi Makwa,

So sorry for all the pain you are going through. I agree with T-Bone 100% though, DO NOT cut or chew the Oxycontin...they are indeed time-released when taken whole. As he said, ask for a higher dose to keep you comfortable for the 12 hour period. Also, you can ask for Percocet or some other pain med for "break-through" pain (pain that comes in between Oxycontin dosages). Again, as T-Bone said, it is so important to not let the pain get ahead of you. I also think you may benefit from some type of anti-anxiety med, such as Ativan...ask the doc. Believe me, after this diagnosis, I have become a firm believer in "better living through chemistry"....after all, this is what these drugs were invented for...to help us through tough times, both physically and mentally.

I don't know if you were able to get your MRI done or not due to your pain, but they should also offer you some type of sedative you could take to ease the pain/anxiety of this 2-hour procedure. I had that done (separately from the cancer dx) when I had back problems/surgery back in September, and I remember thinking the same as you..."how the heck do you expect me to lie flat for 2 hours when I can't even lie comfortably for 5 minutes?"

I don't know what choices are available to you as far as docs or hospitals go, but my thoughts are you need to find someone you feel supported by and are totally confident in...doesn't sound the case here. You need all the support you can get right now...

Please let us know how you're doing.....feel free to PM me if you want....

Mary :)

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You are right. Their concern for our pain is a real joke. Everytime I go I tell them about the pain in my side from my lung surgery and they never give me anything for pain. I guess if I was in bad pain I would have to go elsewhere. I had oxycodone after surgery. I thought it was a generic for percocet. In the end the percocet wasn't helping any just making me sleep. After surgery I took two percocet every four hours and had a few nosebleeds. They said percocet is bad for people with high blood pressure. Anyway I hope they can find something to take away your pain. I think your oncologist will be better in keeping you pain free and also hospice is good about keeping people with caner free from pain. Best wishes.


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Guest makwa_04

I hope i reply in right place.

Thanks, they changed me back to percocet a extreme doseage at least for me.

I called the phar/med guy and he said they are not time released. So I can half them

I took one full pill yesterday ond wow... So last night and this morning kust parts. At least i can talk/walk now.

Yes the pain issue is my first concern and it was the original reason to even go to a doctor.

Seems the no sleep/pain issue is whats wearing me out in total.

along with the doctor whom seems to think I can lay on the mri table with no problem.

As yestersys MRi I had to walk out on due to pain laying flat on my back, halfway through. They have doubled up on my mri tests for later today

Now I have to take two back to back

Well I might just cancel them myself. NO WAY can i lay like that.. Never could even prior to all this new stuff.

What ticked me off even more was one nurse said "well if you dont want to co-operate on these tests we will inform the doctor"

DUH... I stayed in the thing as long as i could !! And was hauled out in tears and had bit my lip from the pain.

Really felt like back handing them. I didt refuse... just could not tolerate it no more

Well i guess it all boils down to they dont care, they see me as a spot in their time slot, once done move on...

Sleep last night was semi sitting up and for short durations {couple hour tops}

So again im up early and in basic still tired. Laxitive DID WORK !!.

So thats off my mine and i was able to eat a roast beef sandwich last night.

so today we will see how all goes and what they have me set up for.

I really believe they think of me nothing more than a name and a number and nothing else.

Really local not much people to talk to about all this, nor family left either.

So its pretty much a loner venture except for this internet and then sitting in this chair for long periods brings on the back pain.


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Hopefully your oncologist apt. will be soon, he may not even want an MRI done. You need to move on to the specialists. I enjoyed chatting with you last night. You hang tough and get the apt. as soon as you can.

HEY MO, are you out there? I believe Makwa is a neighobr of yours so give him a little talkin' to would ya???


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Guest makwa_04

Hi.. well got one mri done not without major hassle form doctors office i might add.. they told me simply double up on pain med before i go of which i did

Tottally spaced out I was.. called mri person told them I was coming and would try to complete the one, but not figure on starting other one today.

Well i arrived told them up from I was sick to stomack form double dose of meds and promptly barfed all over the room..

well they could not understand whay they told me to double up on the pain med when i could not handle it.. So I did lay on the table and was able to comple the uper back one.... I called doc and asked when is my appointment

with the special docotr and they told me they are holding off till i get mri,s done

A frapping mess !!! SoI will try to complete as much as i can tommorrow

and have fore warned the mri girl, so she at least knows whats going on.

I have not took my scheduled pill tonight cause im still higher than a kite form the double pill over dose late this after noon.... was able to eat a double cheeseburger on way back and some hot tea tonight.

I have been in chat room several times late at night, never no one around.

Except with you all other night, which was pleasant.

Twusters and severe storms here today and tonight.. Just sat out on deck watching light show from the lightneing.

Guess will go back up stairs and try to find something to do, till I feel I can take pill again or back starts hurting agin, then I will know its safe to take it.

Thnaks for the live chat other night, Although i didnt add much to the conversation


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Glad one MRI is done.........one down, one to go. Good luck with that. As for chat, it is scheduled on Tuesday nights......I believe 7:00PM Central time. Sometimes we decide to chat on Wednesdays and Fridays. Good to see you there.........although I was leaving just as you was getting there. Ry, Becky.......help me out on the chat times. (Makwa, I could be wrong about the times.........I hardly ever remember when it is chat night! :oops: )


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Guest makwa_04

Well the last half of my mri,s are today. As most know Im having to take them 1/2 at a time due to not being able to lay on the table long.

Yesterday was rough but I got it completed.

My Doctor has got me apparently set up with a lung doctor for June 6th

I know thats a long time and i questioned that, He claimed they called all over and that was the fastest appointment they could get.

So Im still in a vois so to speak.

Pain meds kept me up down all night again {when they wear off}

The one problem I had was I was told to double dose the pain med before I want to the Mri, of which I did. When I returned back home I was higer than a kite

Well this area had all kinds of tornados and severe storms yesterday

I myself had to go to the basement severla times due to the Tornado sirens going off,, Lucky no direct hits. So I went out on semi covered deck to sit at about 9pm, to call a friend just to chat. They was not home so They told me to call back in 1/2 hour.

Well I awoke at 2 am totally soaked to the bone !! What had happened again was someone here had came out aobut 10 pm and said i was sleeping so good they went on to bed and left me sitting in the porch glider.

Apprently another lesser storm hit with severe rain and had blew up under the roof on the deck and soaked me.

When i awoke i didnt know where i was for a moment and was chilled to the bone due to being wet. I went in and sat beside the fireplace and got warmed and dry clothes on. I must have been totally zoneked out on this stuff to sit through a storm like that. I guess i cant complanie cause they left me out there as they knew I had not got good sleep in some time.

Im going to have to be more careful when taking these pain meds and where Im at.

As for sleep Im getting more than I was.. maybe a hour or two here and a hour or two there.. So I take it when i can get it.

I have been able to keep down food somewhat better, Im taking Aloe Vera juice before i eat and a pinch of crystal ginger. Seems to work.

Note Im just not in the mood for a large meal mind you. But a sandwich of roast beef and some minor stuff is great.

I think it has to do with these pain meds having a upset stomach.. Im trying to get around that.

I might have said earlyier.. Doctor no bone cancer or it has not spread to the bones. I guess thats good in itself.

Hoping to be able to go sit on a lake bank tommorrow and fish for a bit.

Some people I know hve said they will take me either saturday or sunday.

To most this might not sound like much. But my whole Life i have lived a outsoors live and professional guided fishing and camping trips as a vocation. As well as building canoes. So being reduced to someone taking me to a lake bank fish site is a let down for me. But HEY Im jumping at it. If for no other eason to feel the warm sun on my ole bones and maybe some idel chat.

I know i wont be able to walk far if the meds wear off. They still have not got a firm grasp on whats causing the back pain although Im tols the completed MRI today of the lumbar back region will greatly help them.

I really think its severe back muscle spasms. What indues them i have no Idea. why they stay so long I have no idea.

Were it not for that i could cope pretty well.

Other than that a person here in my area has sent me a email saying i could contac them and talk if i want to. It was a person on this board. I will thus do so and maybe they can help me along with what to expect and some other matters.

We hope all of you have a sefe holiday weekend


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You can talk with all of us about what to expect, etc. That's why we're hee. THis is a surrogate family with a common theme.

I feel badly for you that the back pain has so reduced your activity. My dad, who is not dealing with cancer pain (he is a pancreatic cancer survivor tho) is dealing with horrific lower back pain from a squished disc and a pinched nerve in his back, bad enough to keep him completely off the golf course for almost 5 months now. I think he's a still pretty depressed about golf. I hope your friends DO take you fishing and that you enjoy yourself thoroughly.

DonnaG has mentioned trigger points before, which I have also had, like muscles locked in spasm. Sometimes an alternative medicine like trigger point injections can really help. Glad you got your scans done, and I hope you have a good first session with the lung doctor , the pulmonist. Bring a list of questions to ask him, and write down the answers -- or put it on tape.

I know you don't want to be in this boat, none of us do, but since we are, let's make the most of it, and draw support from the company.



Prayers, always


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Guest makwa_04

Well finally all MRI are done !!! Had to take all 1/2 of test per day

per prior posts !!!

My doc called and got me a Lung doctor said it was only one he could finf in St Louis that was taking New patients and he got me the first appointment

June 7.............

NOW I called that Docs off ice and tryied to get a earlyier appointment

That was no good, but she said if a cancellation she would call me

T HEN THEN she told me I was lucky to even get that.... And that the DOC

is leaving on vacation for 2 weeks on JUNE 8 th !!!!!!!!!!

So I get to see him the 7th then what ?????

Thinkl I I will start drinking..... always problems

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I am so sorry that you are going through all this misery but I am glad that you made it here with us, we will all help you through it....

Good to hear that the MRI's are over and you at least don't have to put your body through that....

Keep posting..it is good to see you....I will keep my fingers crossed that someone cancels with the doctor...

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I have chronic back pain and have had most of life, but NOTHING like you described in your posts. I, too, have trouble laying flat on my back for MRI's, but NOTHING like you describe. You can bet your butt that I will never complain again after reading what you have been through. I am so glad you finally got them finished, and I pray that you will get some answers and treatment to relieve you of that horrible pain.

God bless you,


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Guest makwa_04

I called around today, trying to get a lung doctor to take me before

the 7th

Bad thing no one called me back, holiday weekend.

As for the back.. Its terrible, thats aobut all oI can say of it.

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