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Any interest in a mid-Atlantic gathering? Around Wash DC?


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I say we all meet in DC and show the world we are a force to be recond with! we could have our own convention on the elipse with the washington monument and the white house as back drops invite the press and show cure mag we need more print space!!!!!after all isn't lung cancer the biggest killer, more than brest cancer & prostate cancer combined. so why do we get the least amount of print space? wear your bald heads with pride, paint your posters and ride your wheel chairs but hey lets get people to stop feeling sorry for us and start supporting us!!!!POWER TO THE PEOPLE :D

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I would love to see everybody get together, as a mutual support effort and friendship....

I'd be happy to host the gathering in/at my house, which is a townhouse with small front yard BUT with good a/c.

If we figure a full day from mid morning to late evening, and then follow up by having breakfast at one of the local hotels (maybe brunch would be more like it) that should give us plenty of time for visiting.



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I'm all for it.

camping probably wouldn't work for most folks, but we'll find a place near the get together to stay. We just like to drag our trailer around with us so we can take our beloved labs with us.

We ought to do a weekend to make the trip worthwhile for everyone, but hate for you to go to the trouble of doing it at your house, Mary Ann. But outside might be tough, I agree, the MD/VA summer weather is way to humid for folks having lung troubles.

We'd love to do it at our house, it's small, but we have eight acres on a beautiful little river and have a pontoon boat. But it looks like most folks are coming from PA and NJ so we may be a little too far south.

We're flexible, especially since Dave is doing so well, so whatever works best for everyone works for us!

Karen C.

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