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Having a Bad Day

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Hi everyone. I have posted several times on the newcomers board but this forum looks like where I need to be today. My dad is having surgery next Thursday to remove a tumor and some lymph nodes from his left lung and possibly removing the entire upper left lobe. I have been doing great until today and I don't know what's different about today. I think my main worry is that his pulmonologist originally told us that with dad's emphysema (he has only 37% lung function now) there wouldn't be a surgeon anywhere that would remove the entire lobe where the tumor is at because it would make daddy and invalid. Then when we saw the surgeon he recommended taking the entire lobe if the tumor looks like he expects it to look. I questioned him and told him what the pulmonologist said and he said he though invalid was a pretty strong word and that daddy might have to be on oxygen for a few months but then he thought he could eventually wean himself off that. I know that surgery is the best option he has right now but it scares me to think that he would have less than 37% lung function after surgery. I have been trying to concentrate on the "what is" and not let the "what if" get to me but today I am having a hard time with that. Sorry so long....just needed to talk.

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The left lung has two lobes, the right lung has three.

losing one lobe is losing 20% of what there is (theoretically).

Question the pulmonist about post-surgery pulmonary rehab (there is such a thing) and see what you have .

Then look at what no surgery would mean.

If your dad does well without oxygen now, even if he did need oxygen later, does that outweigh the risk of not having surgery?

Just my two cents worth.


Prayers, always.


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I had poor lung function from COPD and they removed entire left lung after a tumor board discussed it. Oxygen for awhile isn't too bad and with pulmonary rehab his breathing should increase. This winter when I caught a bug mine was down to about 24 % and the pulmonologist put me on nebulizer 4 X daily. I sleep with oxygen but am able to do house work and flowerbeds without it. Do not handle inclines. For me it was worth it. When nodule showed up in right lung the Tumor board agreed no more surgery but I did have radiation which reduced breathing some but not as much as surgery.

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