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2 years ago today!

dave s

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My Dear Friends,

Two years ago today I went for a chest xray due to a slight "rattle". My nightmare began immediately. "Come with me, we have your Dr on the phone and he needs to speak with you now".

I was diagnosed at stage IV with mets to left hip and left 2nd ribs, mediastinal adenopathy and a 5 cm primary RLL. Of course I was told of the customary 6 month life expectancy.

Interestingly I didn't believe the 6 months thing then and I still don't believe it now (although I still hear it from time to time).

So for those of you who are earlier in the journey than I am: Don't believe everything you hear...

I believe we can have impact on our disease and I believe the things I have done have made a difference.

Keep the faith, Dave S

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

2 years! Fantastic! :)

Hey, go find the dummy who said you had 6 months (2 years ago) and moon them. :lol:

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Great news!

I was thinking the other day: Why do they feel so compelled to give us timelines? Many people die suddenly--no one gave them timelines. Plus, most people pretty much know cancer is a serious condition. Why can't they just wait and see if the patient asks that question--instead of blurting it out all the time. I must have heard my "timeline" a dozen times already.

I told them "I hope there's no office pool on me,"--so you might want to find out about yours, cos maybe they owe you some mighty big bucks!!!

Did you ever find the results of your last scan??

Wishing you lots and lots more anniversaries.

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Thank you all for your kind responses and wishes. They mean a great deal to me.

Elaine, no I haven't gotten my scan results yet. I'm getting annoyed about that. I hate to be critical but I only need timely attention about twice a year, so I get annoyed when they appear "to busy". I had the CT techs create a CD with the images on it and delivered it to my Onc. for a quick read. I should have brought it home and looked at it myself!!!! I'll be asking them to fax the radiologists report to me this AM.

My fear is that I'm being discriminated against due to my having chosen to try a non-traditional form of treatment instead of more "shotgun chemo".

Best Wishes to us all, Dave S

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Congratulations Dave

Here's to 2 more years.

Cheers to many more years.

(the extent of my poetry)

Enjoy this day, Dave. :) Two years ago today was really a bad day for you. :(

Keep believing in yourself. It is working.

When I was given my prognosis, I choose male selective hearing. :lol:

Keep it up.


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Congrats!! Hope this is just the second of many, many more such anniversaries!

Goes to prove the power of hope and positive thoughts AND the fact that we aren't just statistics to be fit into little preplanned slots, huh?

Keep on proving 'em wrong, Dave!! And do something really fun or special to celebrate! :)

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Hey Dave, that's wonderful to hear. I just passed the three year survival day and I am amazed. When I read the statistics for stage 3 I became so depressed and negative for awhile, until I read the posts here from other survivors who surpassed the statistics. My best to you. Nancy O.

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So nice to see your post! My brother was initially told to go home and take care of his things he was given 2 months and they did not offer chemo. His wife had to fight for all the treatments he has received and after starting chemo they said 6 months - it has now been 10 months and he is doing good. He has his rough days and its so hard for everyone when he does but he has had many good days.

Wishing you many more years!


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Thank you all for the good wishes. They are greatly appreciated.

My current situation is that I had a CT chest and abdomen last Monday and I'm trying to evaluate the results. I see my onc. tomorrow but I got an early look at the radiologists report and it's a bit confusing. I have a wee bit of growth in my adrenal tumor and new spots in my opposite lung from the primary. They are also talking about new mets to my ribs possibly explaining the increasing pain I've had for a couple of weeks now.

Knowing my onc. as I do, I'm sure he will want to crank up a 3rd line chemo regimen immediately. But you all know the effectiveness stats for 3rd line chemo..... My real quandry is how to proceed from here. I've been on an alternative therapy which I think holds great promise but I've only been on it for 8 weeks as of the scan. Probably not enough time to pass judgement based on this set of scans.

Somehow it seems I'm always trying to make important decisions based on insufficient data.....

One thing I already decided is to ask to go back on Zometa for the bone mets. I had it 2 years ago but stopped after the bone mets resolved. I think I had 12 monthly infusions at that time.

I have to remember that my personal goal is eradication of my disease, not just long term management. Greedy, aren't I???

Best Wishes to all, Dave S

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