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You are the best! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers! I had good results, the first time they were better, 50% shrinkage and this time about 20% with no changes or new growth and I am grateful for that. I was a little disappointed that the results weren't 50% this time too, but I realize that is being a little unrealistic.

However I have made a major decision that I hope I don't regret. I have been going to Yale University and have been on a clinical trial, I am only the second person at this facility to be on it and I have decided to switch from this treatment to the standard chemo treatment for lung cancer. I hope I am making the right decision but my gut tells me to do it and I have to go with that. It just seems to me that things are slowing down with these drugs and there isn't a lot of documentation on results so I think its time. I am going to see a new Oncologist tomorrow for a second opinion. He has a lot of experience and I don't think he will steer me wrong. Also my oncologist at Yale is leaving to move to California so that was part of my decision. Praying I am doing the right thing and for more good results. This whole business is just so scary and mind boggling!

Thanks again Katie, I call you my Texas Daughter, you are so great. So happy about your Dad's results, he is doing really well and that is wonderful. Tell him we will show them all how its done!

Love and Prayers

Bess B

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I replied to your other post but wanted to say GREAT NEWS about the shrinkage! even 1% shinkage and no growth is good news and you got 20%

You do what your body tells you to do and if the standard treatment makes you more comfortable, you GO for it! It can't hurt to try and it just may do the trick!!! Make your mind and set your goals to be CANCER-FREE, because I just know that YOU CAN DO THIS!!

Love & Hugs

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