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CT Scan Results

Joe B

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Good news... scan came back clean....NED

Lungs are completely clear....

There are post operative radiation changes in the right lung.

subcarinal region has increased with ill defined soft tissue most likely due to radiation effects... It could be a postive lymph node, but unlikely since it was in the radiation field. He said we could do a PET, but there is a likelihood of a false postive from the radiation effects.

liver, adrenal, spleen, pancreas, kidneys all clean.

I will have another CT in 6 weeks just to ensure that the inflammation we are seeing in the subcarinal is radiation induced... oncologist feels that it is from radiation... but wants to stay on the safe side.

So all in all I am very pleased.

Praise be to God.....

Many blessings to all, Joe

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Funny you mention that, because I am feeling WAY re-energized about the diet and excercise thing.....

I feel very fortunate to be where I am....of course I will feel alot better when these darn radiation effects finally start to diminish! :?

Thanks for all you do, Heather.. you are an inspiration.


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Guest cheri

Sorry about seeing your post so late, Joe...what FANTASTIC news! So happy for you and your family.

Enjoy your summer and the building of your new house! :D

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Boy, am I late on this one!

Here's to staying "on the safe side"! If I'm finished with that box by the time we meet at Rochelle's, I'll bring it down to you...and for an extra $10, I'll add in the orange crate furniture... :wink:

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