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anyone see which direction that beer truck went?

David A

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Hi David A,

So sorry to hear you have been beating yourself up! You had better get well again before the car show!

My husband finds that he has to "build up " to things. If he does one smart walk around the block his legs hurt the next day, but if he slowly increases the walks each day he reaches a point where he can master the block without suffering afterwards. So, take your time and do that laundry bit-by-bit and then come along to our place, we have lots of laundry you can do! :lol:


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I haven't run into the beer truck yet and hope I don't anytime soon, BUT a little VW runs over my toes every now and then when I do alot of extras in a day. I pay for it the next with a little less energy and aches and pains. Not beer truck pains but little VW pains.... :lol: I hope you feel better soon and have a great weekend.


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Dave has been in remission for almost a year now and the same thing happens to him. OK, he had the PCI last September and that knocked him out worse than anything . . . but still, it's still happening to him, he has a good day, does alot of stuff, and then he feels like crap for two or three days.

Dave's beer truck would be Sam Adams. But Ginny, I do like Yuengling!

Karen C.

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